Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shopping dayyyyyy

D took these photos of me after we got our morning coffee.
I hadn't had a sip yet. Cranky.
I used to hate it when people told me they "need" their morning coffee.
I have kind of become one of them.
I'd rather run late than miss my coffee.
I am wearing a top which has some ladys name on the label but im so sure i got it from Topshop. I have a bad memory. So its really 50/50 on its origins. I got it ages ago.
The vesty thing is from a brand called Kachel.
We all know the rest of my outfit because they are common characters on my blog now.

Close up because apparently people like seeing details.

Here is the back of the vest. How cool is it? ITS LIKE THE POPES HAT
I'm sure of it. Or something pope like. I dunno.
Aren't elbows weird? I really hate them. Just like i hate that weird bit of skin between your armpits.

Anyway, you know how I mentioned in my last post about some food festival thing in melbourne right now?
they have these tents set up near Chanel on that gravel bit and one of the tents has a wood fire oven.
YES U HEARD RIGHT! It was like the best pizza of my life.
I went back and got another the next day.
This one below was roasted fig, gorgonzola and walnuts.

Hells yes. Look at this up close so you can drool. Yum
Lucky for you ( AND ME!) i took their brochure and they have a restaurant.
YES WE CAN ALL ENJOY IT. The place is called Red Olive and its in Fitzroy and here is its website LINK.
I want to go and eat all the good italian goodness asap.

After we ate the pizza I picked up some nice yellow roses for home.
They opened up huge!!!! huuuuuuuuuuugeeeeeeee!!!
Possible the biggest ive ever seen a rose open up.
Should of taken a pic. ahhhhhh.

I only got one thing that day. I forgot to mention but after Nobu we went to crown and i won some moolah. yessssss.
Anyways. I always feel guilty when i win money so i got D's little brother a present.
I got him this LV wallet that he has been harpin on about for years now ( in teenager time. in real time its months) I haven't given it to him yet. I just took the below photo.
Um. Its like impossible to take a photo of this wallet at night. The flash from the camera or even the light bulb in the ceiling reflects like crazy off the canvas.
Hell annoying.
Anyway its the Damier Graphite colour.
I like it. He will like it. I hope he gets excited.

Anyway, so I want to give away some of the money i won ( its not much but still ) to a charity so the universe is even. I feel something bad might happen if i dont give some of my winnings to charity. Its just my theory with winning money ok? hahaha
I cant decide who to give it to
Theres like a bajillion charities i like.
Its balls.
I dont know whether to just go Red Cross or to go more local like Father Bobs charity.
It's too difficult.
I think im heading towards local because its a smaller amount.
Sometimes i feel local smaller charities often get forgotten.

It's now officially Thursday. Which means its practically the weekend
So excited.
Excited x 100000000000
I'm helping a friend move into her new place and I'm v excited for her. Hope it all works out.
I feel like EVERYONE bar me is underestimating the hugeness that is moving house.
Like they all forgot what HELL it was when they did it.
We have a nice little crew helping but it's still a mammoth job.

I'll stop rambling now
Goodnight/Goodmorning if you are reading this at a more civilized hour.


  1. Hi Cotton:)
    I loved that post... the writing was good, and the photography was sharp:)

    I love roses as well.....maybe i aught to pick some up tomorrow???

    And the watch was very nice as well:)

    From Norway have a great day or night!

  2. That outfit is the BALLS. You look awesome. That is all.

  3. That pizza looks so good! Love love the jeans :)

  4. Haha now when I look at the detail on your vest I can't help but see the Pope's hat. Woodfire pizzas are best. Pity I don't live in Melbourne.

    Congrats on the win (I always marvel at people who win at the casino, mainly because I never do). Nice to see you're thinking of donating. I'd say go local too.

    Happy Thursday!

  5. are they black rats i spot? Jesus i must live in mine...and i have four pairs of rats too! :0

    i'm really digging the vest too...and its just plain awesome that it is a little pope like hehe.

    I am yet to find a really good woodfired pizza place in perth...maybe you can give me the heads up on one? xx

  6. GOOD lady bug for donating. This makes me happy.

    I always have flowers in the house, they make it feel so fresh.

    That Red what's it called place is a 5 minute walk from my casa, perhaps H and I should check it out before we move.

  7. Reading your posts makes me miss Melbourne something chronic.

    I must go back!

    The pattern on the vest is way cool.


  8. Yum, pizza. Thanks for sharing. Now all the Melbourne bloggers have a new hang-out in Fitzroy!

    I love your t-shirt, and don't get me started on the amazingness around your wrist. I emailed Mr. Flit the link to Hermes yesterday, but haven't heard back. How rude!

    Oh, and the vest gets the tick of love to of course!

  9. That pizza looks so good. I like your outfit a lot.

    Teenage boys didn't harp about Louis Vuitton products in my day. How very curious.

  10. I just became a follower of your post because I like the honest way you write.
    Now I love that I have found a great pizza place to go to when I am in Melbourne too!
    Furthermore I love that you are generous person too. Salvos is my pick keep it local.

  11. such a full post! i want to respond to everything!
    pizza looks scrumptious.. little bit jealous!
    well done winning at the casino!
    always makes me happy :) what did you play ??

    i wish make-up was my job!! although i'm a bit nervous about doing make-up on other people.. so much pressure not to get it wrong and not to poke them in the eye!

    my job while i'm at uni is CR.. can't complain about getting the impossible-to-find stretchy jeans before anybody else and with a discount :P lol

  12. Your vest reminds me of those pearly dudes that Tatty Devine made a necklace of. (Yes, what a beautifully formed sentence that was). See and you'll find it.

    Well done with winning money, and also with yummy pizza. So jealous.

  13. Love your posts =)

    Love your clothes..MORE CLOTHES!!! yay!!

  14. Excellent outfit, flowers and wallet. Moving is Hell. Good Luck. Go with a local charity. x

  15. Love this post! I'm not a big gambler but if I ever won the lottery, I would feel the same away.

    I'm useless without my soy latte in the morning. Without coffee, I'm a very dark character!

    That pizza looks amazing - I love fresh basil so much. Ladro's and D.O.C are my favourite pizza spots in Melbourne - the truffle and potato pizza at Ladro is SO good.


  16. YUM pizza that looks sooo good!!

    On charities - give to the animals!! I always give to animal charities cos they don't have voices to speak for themselves if you know what I mean. And all their problems are caused by humans. So someone's gotta help 'em out. There's tons of small charities here in Melbs like the Cat Protection Society etc. I'm sure there are doggy ones if you're more of a dog person.

    That wallet is great too - I am sure D's bro will love it.

  17. Ooo your top is awesome, as is your vest! Pope-like indeed!
    That pizza looks delicious, I always love your food porn...yum!
    Happy Friday :)

  18. I've passed a quiz and award onto you, it's all on my blog.

  19. Love the detailing in the vest! How exciting to win some money and so lovely you're going to donate some. Maybe an animal charity? They're my favourite, because animals can't help themselves.

  20. Thank you everyone !! :D !!

    daydreaminblue - yep they are black rats! i love all the rats!! wish i could pull some of the coloured ones off!
    I dont know about woodfire pizza places in perth but id love to find one too!

    mez - u must try pizza place!! im dying to go. nommm

    FlitAbout - Good luck with Mr Flit! It took ages for me to get D to even listen about my stuffs. He hated it in the begining. hahaha

    Kate - Thank you and welcome to my blog ! :)
    Hope you have a lovely trip in Melbourne!
    I love the salvos too.
    When my grandpa came over from London they helped him through a tough time. I always make sure to donate to the salvos.

    rubyslippers - i played the pokies! It was just random luck. I was just playing 2c randomly wasting time and i went max bets max lines! cray cray ! and i got the feature. it went spazzos for like 5-10 mins with all the music. v embarassing. hahahah

  21. oh and thank you to everyone who suggested animal charities!
    they are very important to D and i.
    we wouldn't forget them!

  22. kittymeow - so true what you said about how nearly all of animals problems are caused by humans.
    so true. so very sad too.

  23. Hi!!
    You look stunning at those pictures!! I love the details on the clothes a lot.

  24. OMG we always call elbows "spare scrotum skin" cause that's what they look like :D
    Love your outfit, and those pizzas look yum. x


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