Friday, March 12, 2010

Pilbara chillin

The best time for exploring in the Pilbara is between 6pm and 7pm when the sun is going down.
It's gnarly sunny and you squint your eyes like blind woman but the sunset is pretty so it's worth it.
The nice breeze from the ocean is a life saver.
White t-shirts help but I usually wear all black so my clothes dont get covered in red dust.

This is my favourite Sass&Bide tshirt. I love the green in it. It goes nicely with gold and silver. Which I think is rare in colours.
It also reminds me of reptiles. Then I sing reptile by NIN in my head for a while.
Why hello there squinty,
You can see the detail in the tshirt atleast.
Can you see how my nails match my sunnies? That was not on purpose. I'm glad it happened though. I will call it my "pop" of colour. hahaha.

Sunnies - Ray Bans ( gift from a dear friend)
Tshirt - Sass&Bide
Jeans - Country Road
Cuff - Hermes
Bracelets - Tiffany balls bracelet & Hermes Click H in framboise
Nails - OPI Red My Fortune Cookie

Okay now I will tell you the story of Sam's Island. In the photo above, you can see his island.
Apparantly a man named Sam lived there like a hermit.
The council kicked him off the island. Everyone rallied in the community to let Sam stay there and live on his island in his shanty shack.
They council let him back on the island
He died happy on his island
It is now named Sams Island.
I hope this story is true and not an urban legend!! Hahah Like old " red dog" . I dunno if i believe in that story. Maybe PilbaraFace can enlighten us if the Sam's Island story is true.

Now below is my favourite tree in the Pilbara.
It is asking to be sat on.
I tried to sit on it and fell off.
You can see the action below.

But then success !!!
I climbed to the top.
This is major for me.
I hate heights. I know this doesn't look high but I still got dizzy when I got to the top and stood up.

I am going to see The Blind Side tonight.
I am excited to see Sandra Bullock with Texas hair. Woo.
I saw Precious the other day. Did I already mention this on my blog?
I liked it a lot. Mimoo was great in it. I didn't like the ending though.
I want to see Hurt Locker and Alice in Wonderland.
So many movies to see!!

I hope you guys all have the best weekend! Make it a productive one.
I will try.
I want to unpack finally and get up to date with cleaning.
I have a date with the disinfectant,toothbrush and shower.
I will manage to try new cocktails this weekend too.
I am going to go listen to Celebration by Kool & The Gang to get excited for the weekend.
You should too! How can you not be happy whilst listening to this song?
Celllllebrrattioonnn! I might even dance in the living room.

I hope you all liked my Pilbara photos. I love it there and I'm glad I can share a few bits of it with you guys :)

Have a great weekend :) :)


  1. You'll love The Blind Side. My resolution is to be more like Sandra Bullock's character, in every aspect of life.

    Take the tissues.

    xx Polly.

  2. The Red Dog story is true! There is a book about it, written by that guy who wrote Captain Corelli's Mandolin.

    I'm not sure about the Sam story, but I will find out. Did you see any turtles while you were there?

    I thought you might have been blogging live from the Pilbara, but then I saw that you are going to the movies tonight. A pity that there is no cinema here.

  3. too adoreable. still super jelous your jeans look much more awesome on you than me...hmm


    I love the t-shirt and the CR jeans look amazing on you.

    You're cold cold lampin' lady.

  5. Hellllooooo.
    I ususally avoid CR but those jeans are Killer. Meanwhile I loved the Blind Side. Sandy has excellent hair and I loved all her Texas Housewife outfits. I liked Precious too but By God it was sad. Love the WA photos. x

  6. Wow, looks like you had so much fun! How did you find blind side? It was a cute story but Sandra Bullock annoyed me at times (someone shoot me, I'm probably the only person on the face of this planet who thinks that!)
    I'm not really into Sass&Bide but your t-shirt is AWESOME, love those patterns!
    Can't wait to

  7. These photos are beautiful! Love your pants.

  8. I love these photos, so so pretty! I really want those CR jeans now :)

  9. Those CR jeans look awesome on you; and love how you matched your sunnies to your nails!

  10. Thank you everyone for your comments!
    I did like Blind Side!
    Everyone should see it ! I
    I didn't find it that sad though. I didn't cry.
    I loved loveeeeddd the real photos during the credits!

  11. Yay for the Dampier Foreshore! Haha.

    Red Dog and Sam's Island are totally true stories! I remember hearing about it all when I was a kid ... Pretty sure family friends even met Sam - either they would take food across to him, or something like that? I have always loved the romance and excitement of it the story :)

    PS - they are making a movie a movie about Red Dog ... they got a whole bunch of locals to be extras in it. I would have been tempted to go do it, except I now live in Perth for uni!


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