Monday, March 29, 2010

Siglo Again Yawn.

You guys must be sick of me harping on about Siglo. I love it.
Anyway, we went to Siglo the other week because I told a friend of the best spring rolls in the world and he had to try them to see if it was true.
I am wearing a CR knit that has a sparkle through it but it doesn't show well in the photograph. It's a loose knit. I love it heaps. Will be wearing it lots when it cools down during the day.
I have the Chanel Elephante polish on too. Dry Manhattan in hand.
Doesn't D look spiffy?

I wore it with my CR jeans ( AGAIN!) and these cool studded booties from Christian Louboutin.
D took a photo of them on the stairs while we were waiting for our friends to arrive.
Someone walked past and nearly saw us. I shrieked in horror. Embarrassing to be caught taking a blog photo! HAhahahaha!

It's hard to see in the photos but the bottom part is leather and the top part is suede and the studs are very pointy spikes.

Here is the photo of the BEST SPRING ROLLS IN THE WORLD!!
They are vegetarian but don't let that put you off meat eaters.
They are fabulous. Please everyone try before you dieeeeee.

I think Siglo also has the best dips and breads. I didn't try the taramasalata (sp?) because its fish but the cauliflower dip and tzatziki were to die for. They also do a mean hummus. Not on offer that day. Booo.
Anyway, don't let the messy presentation put you off. It's tasssssstyyy!! :)

Here i present the best tiramisu in Melbourne. If anyone has found a better one please let me know!!!
Yummmm. +2kg to my ass. YAY

Siglo is next to the Princess Theatre so you have this wall to look at. It makes me wonder what Melbourne was like back in YE OLD DAY.

Lovely views of Parliament House....and when its a bit lighter you can see a lovely church behind that too...

In this photo I show you the 2kg of fat that went on my ass from the evening of eating and boozing. HA. My humiliation is your enjoyment.
I dunno WHAT we were doing. The photos we took in the cab were even worse.
I didn't feel drunk at the time but one look at this photo below brings me back to reality.
aaaaaaahhahahahhahaa. sooo wrong.

I went shopping and got a few bits and pieces I'm excited to blog about this week.
Have to take a few photos.
The next 4-5 days is super busy but I am going to try and make some time for it.

Hope you all had lovely weekends!!

Happy Monday :)

Also I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who gave their opinions on charities! Nice to know that you guys are into giving as well :)


  1. Fab shoes!!! Love them. Fun photos! :D

  2. Woooow, amazing shoes, I'm so jealous! And spring rolls are definitely the highlight of any Chinese restaurant.
    It would be mine

  3. Ah, I've always wanted to go to Siglo! :] Will make it there eventually!

    Love love your shoes, the studs are so adorable! And for the record, those jeans look amazing on your butt! :D

    And about Nobu, we had terrible service. :c I called up and made a booking for 6:30, they said we had to be out by 9. Fine with me. at 8pm the waitress comes around and is like any last orders? And of course, we're totally confused and then she implies that we should be leaving already, then goes checks and says it's okay we can stay. We weren't impressed. We just found our waitress to be so impersonal and the food didn't impress me that night. But oh well! :]

  4. Love the jeans, I actually went into CR yesterday on a mission to find a pair and they were all gone :(

  5. I love everything and feel very clever to have been to this Young Persons Hang Out with Mr FF. Love your Young Person's outfit and boot arrangments too. When my friend M takes photos of me he is always scared someone will think he is a creepy stalker trying to snap me from behind without my consent!

  6. Ah, so much to love about this post! Siglo is one of my favourites too, I've been drinking at the Supper Club for years and the rooftop is just such a great addition. The views of Parliament House are divine and so is the Princess Theatre wall. I also love the European downstairs. I'm such a tiramisu fanatic, I must try Siglo's asap! What a cute couple you are - is that an espresso martini I spy on the table?

    Love the shoes and I know what you mean about feeling conspicuous when taking blog photos - I always feel like such a poseur.


  7. Ashley - that sucks! i've actually had a very similar experience there too where they ask you to free the table. its awkward and leaves you feeling uncomfortable.
    they used to do pretty strict " sittings" at 6.30 and 8.30 but now they're more relaxed because its not as busy.

    unebellefille - yepp it suree is! espresso martinis are sooo yum. I wish i could substitute my morning soy latte for an espresso martini on some days. ha ha!
    If supper club ever closed down I'd be sooo upset.
    I once saw Geoffrey Rush there.
    Exciting !

  8. Those shoes, holy moly! I am in AWE.

    And Siglo is SO awesome!

    I have toyed with the idea of doing the wedding there if they'd hire it out during the day.. have a feeing it's not going to happen!

    How amazing would that be to do the ceremony there, straight into cocktails and cigars! woowoo!

  9. ps.

    I need a new bag.. am contemplating Proenza Schouler PS1 satchel after seeing it in New York. hmmmm.. opinion!?

  10. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. I want those Loubie babies!! Are they your first? Make sure you get them topy soled....There is an awesome guy on eBay who sells ones that are a perfect colour match xx

  11. Luuuv the heels. Perfectement!! (as I imagine the French would say.)
    Your hair is perfect too, good work!

    What charity did you end up with? I reckon a local one sounds good, would imagine they don't get too much love on an everyday basis with a non-existing marketing budget!

  12. Meanwhile I forgot to say that sometimes I don't know whether to eat dessert or rub it on my backside because that's where it's going to end up.

  13. Oooh, this Siglo place looks yummy! Do they do vegan? If so I will have to try it if/when I ever get back to Melbourne.

    PS I love your shoes.

  14. ohhh the shoes! love love love :)
    the CR knit looks awesome on you!!

  15. Julia - i LOVE the PS1 !! I am going to come over to your blog to convince you that you need it

    Jenny - These are my second pair of CL :) I have had them for about 2 years but dont wear them much. I was thinking about getting them topyd but too scared the cobler will ruin them. haha!

    Shenanigans - i think the spring rolls are vegan. does that kind of spring roll pastry stuff usually have egg/dairy? i think its def vegan because they are vegetarian and my friend who cant eat dairy ate them. unless they have an egg gloss but i doubt it.
    i think the cauliflower dip and hummus could even be dairy free as well.
    they also do a grilld vegie toastie which is v nice and u can have without the feta.

    FlitAbout - I replied on your blog :)

  16. What can i say...i LOVE those shoes...
    They were amazing:)

    Have a good day - SP

  17. I love the way you write, it reminds me of my year 12 art portfolio that I was supposed to draw in but instead I filled it with the conversational banter in my head, my art teacher hated it and called it "psychobabble".

    I want to write like that in my blog but my blog's really not for that, so I mostly keep it to twitter. But yeah, I really enjoy how you write it makes me feel comfortable? Ahaha sorry gush gush.

    Mmm :) Back to the traditional bloggy compliments, love your outfit/shoes! xo


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