Monday, March 22, 2010

Nobu Matsuhisa!

Last week D and I wanted to eat foods from Nobu at Crown.
So we went.

I wore this outfit below. It was an all black ensemble with gold around the shoulders to break it up. kind of.
Anyways, here is a photo of me hanging out in a carpark like its a normal thing to do.

This top excites me because i got it for cheap. $15 !! YES THAT IS RIGHT!
$15. I got it up in K town from Jeanswest.
Its some kind of silky feeling top but i think the material is viscose.
I like it though.
You can see the detail in the shoulder below and you can see the jewels i wore.
Hermes bangle and House of Harlow ring. And the Chanel Elephante polish.

Ok now that boring shiz is done with we can get to the GOOD STUFF.
We drank sake. I choose the sake which in the menu is described as " aged listening to classical music for 10 years"
like hell that shiz is even true!! and if it is, i love it. It excites me and I must always drink it.
I feel relaxed by the sake because it listened to classical music.
I must investigate if its true or not.
On the right you can see the "new style vegetable sashimi" which is really just some tofu/tomato/asparagus dish with a bit of soy sauce type of deal and some spring onions.
its the bomb. sooo yum. SO YUM!

Next up there is a sizzling hot plate of vegetables and mushrooms. If you say you dont get excited by a sizzling hot plate at a restaurant then you are lying!! EVERYONE GETS EXCITED BY THEM! RIGHT? Well i do. I'm thinking I'm not alone on this one. Someone agree so i dont feel like a 5 yo.
My hairdresser told me she likes to eat enoki mushrooms because it makes her feel like she is eating noodles without the carbs. I thought this was funny and clever. I dont like them though because I cant chew them. My teeth dont work on enoki mushrooms.
On the right we have a salad dish. It's so yummy. I love lettuces.

On the left here we have a MISO EGGPLANT. Man this is the bomb. It's probs my favourite nobu dish. Or maybe its the tofu one. I dunno but this one is up there.
ZzzZzz I wish i could cook this. I imagine it has a bit of sugar in it.
I might of had 2 serves of this. Shoosh. ahhahah
On the right is some sushi. It had this interesting thing in it. I hope you can see it. It was kind of like a jalepino. But i think it was more like a pimento. Anyway. I loved it.
I dared D to scoff a massive lump of wasabi and he did and it was a stupid decision. He was in pain for a good 5 mins. AHAHAH funny for me though.

Anyway, little did we know, Nobu THE MAN HIMSELF was there for Melbourne Food Week or whatever its called and he was the head chef for the evening. He came and said hi to everyone in the restaurant. What a dude. I was suprised we could walk in and get a table without a booking. We must of been lucky. We did go quite late. Hmmm.

Drunken times then followed.
You can tell I was into it. Look at my messy hair. Hahahhahaaaaaa. Funny.
I pretending the cherries were nipples. I am classy. There was another photo with two lychees but i'm not even going to post that because it makes the nipples photo look ultra tame in comparison.
Its hilarious though.

We got the dessert tasting plate and like an annoying bf D ate none so i had to eat it all and look like a fat pig. Thanks for the extra 3kg on my ass D.
I think i was kinda hoping he would eat it anyway. I loved it.
muahahah. so gross i ate the whole thing though? i need to walk it off tomorrow.
We did share a nice cognac though. We love cognac.
The weather is cooling down so cognac season will begin. YAY!

OOohhh This is my favourite of the desserts. The warm chocolate satandagi.
Its basically a donut with chocolate in the middle.
I took a photo of the chocolate oozing out just to share with you guys.
I hope you like it.
If you don't rate Japanese food or not into Nobu at least go for dessert one day to try this!
It comes with a raspberry sauce with pistachios in it.

its 2.30 and it's probs not the best time to write a blog.
i'm sure ill wake up tomorrow and have to retype the whole thing cuz it made no sense.
I cant be bothered doing it now cuz i need to watch an episode of greys anatomy asap.
I am watching season 1 for the first time and i need to see what happens asap.

It's tuesday tomorrow and tuesdays excite me for some reason. not sure why!
hope you all have a lovely tuesday!!!
goooddd niighhht :)


  1. OMG LOOKING AT FOOD PHOTOS AT THIS TIME OF THE DAY IS SOOOOO NOT GOOD. i can already feel my stomach rumbling!

    looking good as always and what a great steal! 15bucks for that pretty top!! niceeee. love the ring! been wanting to get it... now that i've seen it again, i might get it for myself soon.

  2. If there is any justice in the world you will send me that gold and black ring. Lol your outfit was really cool.

  3. Hmm, I didn't have as a good time as Nobu unfortunately, but great you enjoyd yourself, that dessert does look great!

    And I too love your ring. Looks like House of Harlow?

  4. I saw a women with that bangle today. I nearly tore her arm off! Love the parking lot photos, it is a good place for it because no one else is hanging around to see you strike a pose!

    I'm excited about the food pics, I sure will take a Nobu trip come soon. Maybe just to eat eight of those chocolate balls.

  5. omg. that donut thing with chocolate. there is drool on my keyboard.

  6. hottie! i love the harlow ring - i have it in the necklace but I love the ring even more. adore your blog. x

    (p.s. thank you for your comment about james by the way...i am super careful about bicycles too now.)

  7. I love reading your blog, you sound so fun! That donut thing looks so so good, I have to go there if I'm ever in Melbourne!

  8. what is it with boyfriends not eating dessert ?!?!?!?!
    mine is the same lol so i end up eating everything too.

    the warm chocolate satandagi looks SCRUMPTIOUS!! makes me what to go there right now!

    donuts are great :) Maha do a turkish delight filled donut which is amazing (if you like turkish delight lol)!

  9. YUM YUM YUM YUMMMMMMMM! Food porn! *drools* Nobu looks amazing! And you manage to make carparks so glamorous, I love your top, what an amazing find! I havent been in jeanswest in ages. Your House of Harlow ring looks sooo pretty, who knew Nicole Richie could come up with such prettiful jewelery?
    Can't wait until your next post!

  10. ZOMG, the food is to DIEEE for... I always enjoy the kooky poses you do the the photos, haha.

  11. Love the top. Love the food. Love the Chanel Wet Cement/Elephante.

  12. Yum! I still haven't eaten at Nobu in Melbourne, although I did have one of the best meals of my life at Nobu in London so I'm a little scared that a bad meal here might ruin my blissful memories. Your meal looks spectacular though!

    Fabulous top, what a great buy!


  13. Wow! I'll have to remember to visit Nobu when I'm next in Melbourne.

    I love the black/gold inspired outfit. Where did you get your black shoes? I need some like them.

  14. I am not kidding. I am salivating.


    Even "OHM NOM NOM NOM" doesnt cover it.


    ps I really like that top!


  15. Great top :)

    $15 Barrrrrgain... Reckon! (traiding post ad)

  16. The food looks gorgeous and so do you. I love Nobu in London xx

  17. I'm glad everyone likes food photos!
    i liked posting them.
    I might include more food pics in m posts!

    Ruby slippers -

    i think i have tried those turkish deligh donuts from maha. i cant remember if i liked them or not.
    i think i must of. turkish delight is the best!!

  18. hi there
    the vegie you think jalepino is actually called Okra (or ladyfingers) it is super yum I love them cooked or raw.
    Love reading your blog esp the food and all things hermes/chanel. *swoon*

  19. thank you glamourette for clearing that up!
    i saw them in the groceries the other day!
    i might buy some and see what i can make :)


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