Tuesday, April 6, 2010

White Chocolate Bunny

As promised, here is my white chocolate easter bunny my neighbour made.
Isn't it glorious?
I cannot eat it. It's too cute.

On closer inspection, bunny looks slightly evil...

I took this photo in the mirror so you could see it to scale.
Then after uploading the photo I realised I need to windex my mirror.

Yum yum yum. I want to go eat chocolate now.
I had such a dieters dinner. It was cajun tofu with asparagus. HAHAHA. what a joke but I actually really like it ! Dont worry. I am going to eat dinner pt. 2 after i exercise.

I am watching the Ruby show on Foxtel.
I love this tv show. Ruby is so entertaining. She is very tan.


  1. Holy moly that Easter Bunny is huge! I think it's cute though... in a madcap, evil Easter Bunny kind of way, haha.

  2. easter bunny = winner.
    i heart white chocolate.

  3. Oh wow! It looks so yummy.....

  4. The Bunny is possessed by pod people. Your 'do looks good. Whenever my mum comes to stay she loves watching Ruby, she says stuff like "she has such a pretty face" and got sad when Ruby had to leave her job at the tanning salon. I like white choc. x

  5. WOAH it's SO big.

    I would have trouble eating it too!

  6. Wow your neighbour is very talented :) And I agree it is huge!

  7. Wow, that is one big bunny!

    I hadn't heard of Ruby until yesterday when I saw her being interviewed on TV. Is "y'all" her favourite word? ;)

  8. mmm yum . . Get it eaten!!!
    Rianna xxxx

  9. Holy Melony! That is a serious choccie bunny! How could you eat that? It will def. take a while!!

  10. Your neighbour is a gem. The Easter bunny is huge! Hope you enjoyed it x

  11. 世間是非,要如水泥地般水過則乾。..................................................

  12. Holy crap, that is a GIANT bunny!

  13. Your neighbours are quite talented! I couldn't resist eating such a yummy looking white chocolate bunny:)

    ps: I'm only in Europe for 2 months unfortunately. This is really just a sampler to get an idea of all the places I hope to return to for longer periods of time. I hope we're not too rushed.

  14. Whoa that bunny was HUGEEEE. Haha, I'm sure you had a jolly time eating that... hahaha.

    Hope you had a lovely Easter! :)


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