Thursday, April 8, 2010


Please tilt your heads to the side because I don't like weird gaps on my blog when a vertical photo is posted.
ok GO!

Thank you. I hope you didn't strain a neck muscle. Here is a photo of when D and I went to the city to pick up something i ordered from Chanel. In the photo I'm pulling this weird kind of "hurry the eff up D cuz people are looking at me weirdly" face. He said I'm crap at taking photos and then tried to pretend to be me while I took a photo of him.
Clearly I don't hunch my shoulders over like a baffoon.

D is wearing this snazzy Marc Jacobs shirt he found at Aloha Rag in Hawaii. I love that shop. One of my favourites in the world. It matches a dress I have from Country Road. We should wear them together some day.

Anyway, none of my usual SAs were at Chanel so I gave up and left. We then met up with some friends in the city and wanted to go to Movida but it was closed. Balls. So we went to Mamasita. Which was also closed. Balls again. So we went to Rockpool.
I wasn't prepared.
I found this top worn below scrunched up on the back seat of my car and wore it.
It had some wrinkles in it but you cant tell in this poorly lit photo.
Ha! It is from S&B. Supriseeeeeed?!! So is the one above in the city. Please don't judge!

In this photo I drink a Grey Goose Martini. Don't order a Manhattan from Rockpool. They are awful. Stick to things on their menu.
I ate this vegetable cous cous thing which has a fruit on it. It could be a quince. If you look at the bed of cous cous you can see it. Does anyone know? I think it looks like a turd. hahahahaha

Here is what everyone else ate.
D had spaghetti and omg it was amazing! yum!
K and some sort of prawn and cheese tortolini thing and K v2.0 had a steak. Ew. I didn't want it on my blog but I know some of you guys out there like the meaty goods so its for you.
For side dishes we got onion rings, cheesy cauliflower gratin and not pictured, roasted sweet potatoes. Yum!

Now to the good stuff. Desserts.
Here is what K v2.0 got. A trifle. It was very delicious but very full on. The crystal bowl it was served it adds to flavour I believe.

I had this chocolate thing which resembles a boob with a nipple. Hahaha.
I am feeling v mature today.
It had this kind of crunchy thing as a base which was nice.

D ( and by D, I mean, I made him order it so I could eat two desserts without looking foul) ordered this strawberry number. It was a strawberry macaroon, filled with strawberry icecream with a strawberry salad. Full on.
D mentioned the icecream also looked like a turd. Haahahhahahahaaaa.

There was also a creme brule but they all look the same so no photo of that.

Writing this post I now realise how often we compare our food to gross things or private parts. This is interesting to know about ourselves. Hmmm. Time to reflect.

Does anyone have any tips for me to take photos in a dim light restaurant with no flash?
It's v hard. I hate flash in restaurants. Hmm.

Anyway, Rockpool was fun and I like it there. Neil Perry was even there that night too!
Weird huh? Because last time we went to Nobu, Nobu was there. But that is more weird because he doesn't live in Australia.
I am going to go and do some exercise now to work off my boob and poo desserts.

Toodle-oo !!


  1. You're so funny! This post definitely cheered me up :) D has very good taste in dessert, anything strawberry is ok by me :)

  2. haha i love your blog you're a classic. i also hate the verticle photo nonsense! but i am a hack and just leave it. i don't understand much in blog world. its confusing. food looks great! don't worry i am super immature i do that too and get in trouble by everyone!!! xx

  3. I agree with Lola strawberry desserts are of the best!

  4. Hahaha, a cous cous poop!

    Brb, straightening my neck up after looking at your first photo ;)

  5. What else CAN you compare your food too other than body parts? Everything else is just too grown up...blah!

    Off to fix my neck, lucky the image was worth it :-)

  6. HAHAHAH you're hilarious!!!

    I used to get this dish at a particular restaurant in Sydney all the time that had a big chocolate smear across the plate. It looked like a massive skid mark. It used to make me so embarrassed when I ordered it, but what can you do?

  7. i love the nick name K v2.0... Gold

    I would suggest to people not to order the prawn thingy pasta, way too intense.

    Good times that night.

  8. ahhaha you guys are all so funny!!

    marlo - that skid mark thing is hilarious!
    i laughed out loud.

  9. Yum! Even if most of it looked like turds hahah x

  10. Your 'do looks Superior in all of these snaps and love your glittery top arrangements. Love the food snaps. You do have a nice life.

  11. Love both S+B tops, shame about your Chanel persons not being there. Love that you have multiple Chanel persons.

    Re: taking pics in low light, turn the ISO up on your camera and hold very ... very ... still.

    You should def. wear your CR dress at the same time as your fiance wears his MJ top, you can be all matchy-matchy in the style of FF and Mr FF. This is something to aspire to, I feel.

  12. how awesome is this blog? it's a dose of funny too!! love it - and love the name.

    just found it!!


  13. This post made me hungry!

    Thanks for the blog loving, I've read your blog for ages and it made me quite excited :D

    Haha I already use baby shampoo so I guess I'll be passing on the MAC brush cleaner.


  14. Oh my god your sense of humour is so like mine. Hahaha. My mind is always in the gutter, I think it makes life far more amusing :P

    Love the top in the first pic xx

  15. um, delicious! I love the look of that macaroon.... sigh.

    re your question about the chanel lipstick, this one is good! it has a mild smell - kind of floral, I guess. and no taste! which is awesome - I definitely recommend it!


  16. Your blog is so cute and funny=P The food looks delicious!

  17. Awesome photos :D You're looking gorgeous
    love your blog
    great photos and posts!
    stop by some time xx

  18. Grr, I still haven't been to Rockpool. Bad me!

  19. I love your fun blog, you just seem like such a positive and happy person. I LOVE your gorgeous sparkly top in this post and your hair always looks so gorgeous!! :D xx
    P.S. Just letting you know that I have nominated you for a Blog Award. ;)

  20. All that food looks amazing! I love the way you write!
    Also, why don't you just make the width of vertical photos the same width of horizontal photos?

  21. im glad im not the only one with my mind in the gutter!! Thanks everyone!!

    un petit lapin - because then the photo would be huge! im not prepared to scare everyone with my ugly mug in maxi size!!

  22. God, I looove the emphasis on dessert, we tend to have the same approach to our meals....

    Rockpool is great, haven't been there in ages. <3

    Does your camera have a macro focus option? I find that helps with the shake a little bit sometimes. :]

  23. 'my boyfriend thinks i should buy shares in sass & bide' bahahahahaha!


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