Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sitting on a palm tree. like i always do.

It's pretty hot up here but i still refuse to wear shorts and t-shirt. I'm just not kind of girl.
I have been seen wearing long pants and long sleeves when it hits 42. i dunno.
im just not into skin. its like wasted space that could be used on clothes.
im suprised im not wearing a cardigan in this shot. ha! in my defense it was really hot. like sweaty hot. eww.
these photos turned out pretty average because D was covered in (no joke) about 25 flies at any given time and he was getting frustrated. and i was too because i was hungry.

Remember how I posted ages ago about the kirrily johnston maxi skirt?
well i finally got around to taking a photo of it.
YAY. its hell comfy. Wish it was more flared at the bottom but then i'd run the risk of looking like a hippy. ok maybe not.

How cool is this palm tree?
I thought it would snap when i sat on it but D assured me it wouldn't. ha.

Here is a close up of my belt. Yay for cheap finds.

T-shirt - sass and bide. I love these ! i have three now. sssshhh.
Skirt - Kirrily Johnston
Thonnngsss - thats how we do up in the pilbara ok.
Belt - Forever New . I bought this when i bought that blush jacket ages ago.

I know it seems silly to spend so much on basics, such as plain white cotton tee and plain black cotton skirt but i wear basics A LOT so i want ones that look decent after washing them. and feel nice to wear. the fit always seems better as well.


  1. LOVE that belt buckle!! and the weather looks so divine!

  2. Basics are a brilliant spend! They will save u every time you don't want to wear trend driven stuff! And if they're god quality/ shape.. years to come!

    I just bought all these S&B knock off basic tees at Cotton on (same style)- they are so rubbish, I will never wear them. I totally subscribe to not bargaining on the basics!

    Jealous where u are too!!!...

  3. such a beautiful pic! love the one where ur sitting on the tree:) x


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