Thursday, October 16, 2008

some food in japan

are you all sick of japan posts yet? probably.
i thought i'd do only a couple more. hehe he!!

this post will be a little bit about food. or the food i took photos off...that dont have me in it. so its limited. HA

im blogging from the westin. i ordered an espresso martini and over ten minutes later its not here and ppl who ordered after me have got theirs already. im giving death stares.

back to bloggin. hehehhe
here is a photo of a sandwhich i ordered which cost $40 ! AH. oh well. it was the tastiest sandwhich i ever had. or " sando" hahaha. 
this is a photo of some yummy tempura i had at a resteraunt in tokyo. it was mainly a
 vegetarian menu! which is very rare in tokyo. i will add a link later when i find it !!!

here is some 7-11 snacks YAY!

and here is our morning deli brunch at the New York Deli at the basement of the Park Hyatt Tokyo. that place seriously saved my trip. we ate there a lot and it was fantastic. yum ice tea. YAY

and here is the loveliness that is TokyoDisneylands vegetarian option. only one in the whol
e park
ahha. im not even quite sure what it is...and i ate it. im going to say it was a vegie burger perhaps. i dunno. but it kinda tastes like car tyres. or what i think they'd taste like.

end blog

p.s i had a harajuku crepe but i didnt get a picca.
but there is a harajuku crepe at melb centre which i will take a picca off and pretend it was my tokyo crepe.


  1. Car tyres. Hahaha!

    All the food looks fantastic, I can't wait to go! I'll have a world of options seeing I'm not vegetarian (thought there would be more variety?) I'm going to eat everything that comes in my path.

  2. Hey, I've had that vego option at Tokyo Disneyland was hmmmm interesting, lol.


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