Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Restaurant Review


Last night I went to dinner with two girlfriends in Footscray. Luckily we didn't get knifed ! HA! I feel safe there but my friend who lives close told us " Don't show anyone your cash" and i told them to hold onto their bags with both hands. Haahaha.
Im sure Footscray isnt as bad as its made out to be. Anyways,

I love this place. I took my blogger camera with me but was too into the food and convo that i forgot to take any pics. My friends are THAT entertaining ;-)However, luckily i found a google image that is almost identical to what i ate

I got the vegetarian combination which is served on injera. Its like a flat bread/savoury pancakey kind of deal.
We all ate with our hands and it was delish !! Perhaps eating with your hands is part of the fun of Ethiopian food ?

My friends opted for a lamb dish because its not dry and a vegie dish to compliment it.

All in all, this place never dissapoints so I suggest you all give it a go some day !

Other pluses include, its nice and clean for Footscray and they have $5 Ethiopian beers!! Open till 2am Thurs-Sat !

I'd probably book because sometimes its quite busy!

Address and details are all on this link below.

p.s Little Lady Lost, are you happy that i used a little more grammar this time? Its this time only. never again!!!

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  1. I love Ethiopian, the lamb never disappoints. I would recommend bringing a bottle of hand sanitizer cause things get messy.

    P.S Yay for grammar!


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