Thursday, October 16, 2008


I wasnt sure what to write about in this blog. 
I still dont really get blogging. my friend said to blog about my recent trip to tokyo.

i got back 2 weeks ago so hopefully the memories are still fresh!

here is a little picca of a hotelllll in shinjuku!
the Park Hyatt Tokyo was wonderful.
i love the fact they dont do check ins!
as soon as you arrive they greet you by name and take you directly to your room. then, in your room you can sit and refresh and they take an imprint of your card. its quite a lovely concept and i wish they did this at other hotels! nothing worse than travelling for 20 hours and then when u get to the hotel having to wait around for ages to check in !!

They gave us some complimentary chocolates and japanese sweets as well which were really cute and sweet . at the airport i got some tokyo banana cakes! yum!

They have this weird jizz like stuff in the middle. GROSS! ahhaha it kinda freaked me out a little but they were yum! i wish i got the chocolate ones though. chocolate banana cakes! YAY

Ok i might have to do some work now ( at work ) so more about japan later.

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