Monday, November 15, 2010

Perth CBD at night.

Perth CBD becomes quite pretty at night because it's basically a ghost town.
It's nice to walk around a bit.
Xmas decorations are now being put up so I took some photos.

I walked in on a dress rehearsal for a choir.
They were doing all the wiring etc so I didn't get to hear the singing.

Some weird $2 fairy lights in the main strip.
I wonder if someone will rip them off before Xmas?
Most likely.

Ghost town....
This was outside of Myer/David jones at 7.30pm.

The always pretty London Court.
I wish there was good shops or cafes down here.
Such a pity that it isn't used to its full potential.
It's so cute.

I look so hagged after walking around Perth all day.
We spent some time in the hospital visiting D's new baby cousin!
She was so cute!
We went from the hospital in Subi to Northbridge for dinner and then walked all the way back to East Perth.
You can imagine how sore my legs were for the next 2 days.

$20 shoes that I got in Haji Lane in Singapore.
They're so comfy and crap. I love them.
I will wear them a lot this summer. Unless they break in 2 weeks. Which is likely.

More of London Court..

Some weirdo sculpture thing they were putting up on St Georges Tce.
Pretty cool huh?
Reminds me of those things that suck your thoughts out in Harry Potter.
What are they called?
You know the ones that fly around and suck something from you?
It looks like those but in white.

I love this building in Perth!!
Can anyone tell me what it is?
I love that it changes colour.
It flashes all colours of the rainbow and then does a multi-colour thing.
It's like an all year round xmas tree.
Love it.

Here is the lobby of our hotel.
Which always confuses me.
Not sure how Lions and Elephants are relevant to Australia.
Oddest Lobby feature ever.
It's just so out of place.
Especially with all the indigenous art paintings around the hotel.

As we were walking back to the hotel in East Perth,
a tourist asked me where the main bit of the city was so he could go find a restaurant to eat at.
I kinda thought.....there is none.
I never eat dinner in the CBD.
Is there a strip of eateries for dinner in the CBD that I don't know about?

I'm watching Junior Masterchef now and I NEED THAT GREEN DESSERT!
Does Zumbo post to Melbourne?
Can I get that dessert sent to me and then the next day the Urban Remedy Juice Cleanse?


  1. That purple light building is amazing. It looks like it would be pretty average if it wasn't lit up. Have you seen the AAMI dome thingy when it's lit up at night. I love it. When I drive past after work it reminds me of some sort of alien birthing pod or something.

    You will understand if you see it.

  2. YEsssssss.
    I see it when i walk the tan.
    i will have to take some piccas of it.
    it better be in xmas colours towards xmas or ill crack it!!

  3. I think it changes, pulses in different colours... like an alien birthing pod. HA! Seriously, that's what it looks like.

  4. Ho cotton! are you staying in Perth for business? What is your hometown? I am not a big fan of those artificial courts, probably because I live with the original around the corner(s) - medieval etc ;-)

  5. The ghost town that is Perth reminds me of Hobart's emptiness at 7.30pm!! I don't think I could live in a city like that for some reason it really freaks me out :s lol.

  6. I am pretty sure its the Perth Council House. It's so pretty!

    Re: somewhere to eat in the city - Taka on Shafto Lane and Barrack St is nice and cheap Japanese, 44 King St (at 44 King St) used to be freaking awesome and now it's pretty good ... i can't think of any others off the top of my head, haha!

  7. Perth looks really nice from the photos! Bit creepy though how the streets are almost empty haha

  8. Dementors are the things from Harry Potter ;)
    London Court does look pretty and very old timey haha!

  9. this post (while very entertaining) depressed me a little reminded me how quiet little ol' perth really is! that building is something to do with the government i think!

    for a good place for dinner in the cbd, try tom's kitchen in shafto lane. i love it there, it's so cute/romantic and the menu is pretty different!

  10. I agree with Chow, im a little bit embarrassed for poor old Perth!
    I work for a company that’s main aim is to revitalise Perth… they are trying hard!
    One day go for a walk down William Street. Start from Roe Street near the train station and keep walking up towards Brisbane Street.
    That’s where all the good asian food is and all the good bars like ezra, 399 and the bird!


  11. Council House certainly is pretty, it's the only nice thing to look at in the city when you are coming over the freeway at night. That new sculpture is cool, I think I will have to go and have a look on my lunch break.

    I used to live in an apartment in the CBD on Murray st and I agree it is so dead at night. There are absolutely no restaurants, you need to go to Beaufort st in Mt Lawley or Subiaco to get a decent meal. I can only imagine how boring it must be as a tourist...

  12. Ergh you're brave walking around the city at night! I feel a bit uneasy on a Sunday!

  13. SO fricking jealous that you travel all the time!! I wish I could!! And haha I love your $20 shoes they are the cutest xxx

  14. Wow it does look really quiet, love your photos though and yes i'm with mez, that AAMI thing does look like something out of this world!


  15. Love your blog. Those decorations are amazing!


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