Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Singapore Mandarin Oriental, Little India and Haji Lane

Here is some more Singapore photos.

View of the pool from our room.
It looks like the middle of winter. It was very hot!

Lazy Pool Days!!!
I got to wear my Bali pants again! YAY.
What a lazy beach whale. HAhahahhaaaaaaaa

Yummy Poolside food.
I love fries. It's my weakness.
I have to really pull it together not to eat fries all the time.

Yum. Fries.
Vegetarian type of club sandwich.

Hazlenut and Apple ice-cream dish..

The rest of the day when
I spent 4 hours lying under wet towels like this..
(im on the left under the towels......)

And then the vomiting started...the throbbing headache...blurred vision..
I had to go to hospital to to get the hydration saline? stuff in my veins and injections to stop the vomiting.
The doctor thought I might of caught a bacteria from Bali because it had been exactly 3 days since I left Bali.... The blood tests didn't pick up anything but it took me a week to get back to normal.
I felt much better the next day and just avoided alcohol and rank lots of poccari sweat.

We went over to K and Ks hotel and look at how awesome their bed was!
My fav thing in Singapore.

I want one SO BAD. Does anyone else have a pregnancy pillow?
I want one. Would it be weird to buy one?

We went upstairs to their roof top infinity pool.
D pretended to jump off the edge and raise my blood pressure through the roof.

Here was the view from their pool at night.
They stayed at Naumi Hotel.

Later we decided to go to the observation deck at the new Marina Bay Sands hotel and casino.
D and I didn't bring our passports so there was so casino action.
Here is the view from the pool there...
Mmmmmmm/.....nice 60yo beer

After we head down to Little India for lunch.
It's so colourful and cray cray!!

We ate at a banana leaf restaurant and I had a coconut to rehydrate.
According to a Nudie bottle I read, young coconut water has 3x the amount of electrolytes than water has.
I had to Sepia this photo because I looked so pale and off.

I didn't get a photo of the food before we ate it.
We all scoffed it down so fast.
It was so delicious!!
I dunno how I stomached this a day after being in hospital.
I ate lots of garlic naan and cheese naan.

The next day D and I headed down to Haji lane.
I liked the shopping here a lot.
Got a few tops.
Wasn't feeling well so didn't want to try on clothes. Otherwise I think I would of got a lot of stuff here!
It looks like a back alley yeah?
If the cab hadn't dropped me here I would of drove straight past it.
It stank too.

After looking through the shops I needed to pee and sit in air con so we went into this random place that ended up being some sort of tourist middle eastern style restaurant.

We ate mushrooms and salad and the WORST HUMMUS OF ALL TIME.
How can you screw hummus up? Especially in a middle eastern place.

Here is a nice photo that K took of a Mosque near Haji Lane.

On my last day I went upstairs to the hotel pool to take a photo of this Fish Lion and it was all smoggy or something!
What a pity!!
I love LionFish and want a good photo of him.

I took this photo while we were checking out of the hotel.
What a cool wall.
I want this wall in my place.

I'm in Perth now and the weather is crud.
It's been raining for ages now.
Good opportunity to blog though!
Simpsons is on now!

Btw I have bought some cool new xmas tree decorations!
Cant wait to do my xmas tree.
I will take some photos of my decorations when I get back to Melbs.


  1. that sucks epically that you got sick, however its great u didnt let it stop you from nomming on food and enjoying yourself! lion fish is probably the best thing i have ever seen!

    ps - if you like pregnancy pillows you might want to look into a body pillow. ive seen them at kmart, theyre soooooooooooo cooooooooool! all big and cuddly n shiz.

  2. This looks like absolute heaven. I want to go back to Singapore so bad. You are such a lucky girl getting to travel so often!


  3. The pillow is called a 'bolster' pillow.

    When I lived in Singapore, I had 2 and loved them. I bought them home with me and still use them.

    The Merlion is cool, some great restaurants down there.

    Sorry you got sick. Singapore is such a fun place.


  4. Babe your photos are always amazing!! What camera do you use? Is it an SLR? I am getting one for my birthday and I really want to make sure I get the best possible one!
    Sad you got sick :( but everything else looks amazing!

  5. OK. I have a pregnancy pillow. I call it a BODY pillow. It's the most amazing thing in my life apart from the obvious. OH MY GOD I LOVE IT.

    Get one now.

    I also love Singapore and can't wait to go there again. I always stay at the Sheraton Towers but your hotel looks gorgeous. Maybe I could stray from the usual next time.

  6. Thanks guys!!
    The first time I saw that pillow was in that Jennifer Lopez movie Backup Plan.
    She called it a pregnancy pillow so I thought it was for that!
    Didn't know they were so popular!
    I'm going to get one asap!

    Simone - I have put a comment on your blog about my camera! Hope it helps! :)

  7. OH MY GOD.

    that food in the first few pics looks SO GOOD. and fries are my weakness too! they are like the devil, seriously. i could live on fries and chicken salt.

    these pics make me want to go to asia...i've only ever been to the philippines and it was hardly the resort type holiday..


  8. Hi cottonsocks! poor little girl, vomiting far away from home. Before the vomiting you enjoyed this fabulous apple-iceream. Is this an engagement-ring on your hand? If so, for how long have you two been engaged? Or are two you already married?

    The first photo (view from the room with the pool) is funny. Somehow this building with the "tubes" at the ground floor (hallways?) reminds me of a hamster-cage. The architecture looks very different than the architecture in Austria.
    You took a great photo from the lionfish, happy to meet him via your blog.

  9. Singapore looks amazing!
    Love the pool and the architecture...unfortunate turn of events that you got ill...looks like to rallied in time for lots more food and fun though!

  10. hi!
    sucks you got sick! no fun.
    i'm addicted to fries, too. especially this one place with has thin cut fries with a spice mix on them like cumin and pepper i think? so good. love the pics! craaack.

  11. i want your life. haha you have the best holidays!!!!! sucks you were sick tho hope you're ok!!! say hey to perth for me!

  12. Yay! Thank you so much for sharing - it's making me even more excited for our move! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

    Did you have to pay to go up to the pool at Marina Bay Sands and could you swim? I think I'm in love with that place.

    I have a pregnancy pillow but only used it while I was up the duff but hello... bliss! As someone said, it's also called a body pillow so if it makes sleepy time nicer, then get one!

    Ughhh, gastro is the pits but good work on getting over it so quickly and tucking in to the yummy food.

    You'll have to share with me your fave shopping spots :)


  13. Sorry to hear you were sick, lucky it didn't last long :)

    That cabana looks amazeballs, as does the pregnancy pillow. Maybe you can escape the questionable looks and buy them online?

  14. You do live the life young lady!! Poor you re illness but well done re the weight loss!! You look very skinny. I see you've been engaged for almost a year- now when's the wedding????????? Am in the Channel Islands. Is v. cold but am getting lots of wear out of my winter clobber. Your 'do looks fab. xx

  15. Ohhhhhhhh I love your holidays snaps and that fact everything at the hotel looks like its served on bamboo steamers ahah. I've got a body pillow too, they're so wicked!!!!


  16. wooow what amazing pictures, i really want to see that pool and how it works. so many of my friends have been there and it looks so scary thought id fall off the side of the pool hhe!
    i hope being sick didnt ruin ur trip it looks like u had a really really fun time! x

  17. I think we ate at that same Indian restaurant, it was super cheap and super delicious. Also <3 the Merlion, it's about the cutest thing in the world. Sorry to hear you were sick.


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