Monday, January 17, 2011

Hello! Merry Xmas. A bit late, i know :(

Merry Xmas. Happy New Year.
It's been forever since I have blogged.
December was a very busy month.
My mum had breast cancer last year but as of a few days before Xmas, she finished her radiotherapy and the cancer is all gone.
Best Xmas Ever with that news.
It was a very hard time. I didn't want to talk about it. Remember Bali? That was a family trip to help relax my mum and spend time together during the stressful period.
I am so glad it is over.
I just ask one thing, PLEASE EVERYONE, get your mums to go for regular mammograms.
My mum probably wouldn't be here today if she didn't.
I never thought it would happen to someone so close to me, but it does.
Force your mums if need be!

Back to Xmas. I will make this quick.
I'm sure you are all over it by now.
D took some photos when we went to get a tree
Xmas tree farm is my fav thing.

Note to Self:
Don't keep phone in back pocket. It makes your ass look weird.

The dogs go spazzo at the farm and run around like children on red cordial.

Hahaha look at the tongues out.
So funny.

Must find a good tree!

D and I decorated the tree.
And by that, I mean he puts the lights on and I do everything else.
That includes all the wrapping.
Is it like a male genetic thing that they cant wrap presents?
He could possibly be the worst present wrapper of all time.
I wish I took a photo of the one he wrapped.
There was no star at the top.
I had one, but we never got around to putting it on.
I think I prefer no star.

I have a few decorations that I got from Paris Disneyland when we were there last year.
I love them!

This Mickey Snow Globe is probably my favourite.

Sadly, none of them are mine.

I bought this Poinsettia plant that lasted well over a month.
It died when I was in Perth last week.

Last year I did holly and red roses and got so many cuts I vowed to never do it again.
I dunno why I did it again this year.
I love the look of real holly but gosh its so prickly!

We had some friends over before Xmas for our traditional Xmas Cognacs.
We also had cherries and gingerbread mens.
I miss Christmas Cognacs.
I think I need to start a tradition of Easter Cognacs.
Easter is more champagne though maybe. I dunno. hmm

Do you like the spitted our cherry pips in the corner? Hahhaahha!!
Sadly there was no before photo when the platter looked nice. Sorry.
We had been drinking and playing the dancing game on Xbox Kinect.
So much fun.
It's like a full work out !!
I love it!

Thats all my Xmas photos.
Just realised I dont have one photo of the actual Xmas day.
Was way too busy! We had over 32 people for a full English dinner/lunch at my parents house.
It was a lot of work.
So glad Xmas is over!!!


  1. Bout time Missy. Love the tree. Hope your Mum is ok xxxxxxxxx

  2. there you are! ive been waiting for a post from you for ages :)
    glad to hear your mum is ok, i've been telling my mum to go for a mammogram for ages now, so i'm gonna start pushing her more xx

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  4. Its true I have lots of trouble wrapping presents..I try hard but the paper and sticky tape hate me, dont even get me started on the ribbon.

    Me wrapping presents

  5. yay cotton, glad to read you mum fought the cancer. Can you believe it, so many people in Austria neglect the check ups though the insurance covery EVERYTHING!! you have been missed! you and your dog(s?) I did not know there are 2 around.

  6. Yayyayayaayayyaa!!! For your moms dukes. This makes me so happy for you and the fam fam. The platter shot is my favourite I love the decapitated/amputated gingerbread men. Good post ladybug. xox

  7. Welcome back!

    Great news to hear that your Mum is on the mend. Wish her the best of luck.

    Your Xmas photos are great. I loved your tree!


  8. Yay! Cotton Socks is back! Laughter returns to my blog reading! What a relief your Mum is ok. I don't think I've ever seen so many presents under one tree. My husband is missing the wrapping gene too, but my Dad does the best wrapping in the whole family.

  9. So glad you're back and so so happy about your good news x

    Love your Christmas tree and yes it is a male genetic thing, my boyfriend agrees too :)

  10. Yay I'm so glad you're back blogging again!

    That's fantastic news about your mum, what excellent timing! xx

  11. That's great news about your Mom!! :D

    Christmas pics look great, glad you're back!

  12. What exciting news! Bali would have been so nice for her. My little brother recieved a Kinect for christmas. Holy Moly that thing is a work out!

  13. So lovely to see you back!
    So sorry to hear about your mama but what wonderful news to hear she is OK!
    My mum went through a double mastectomy when she was only 46 and then about 3 years ago she had to have another one because they found the cancer had come back. So she has had a quadruple mastectomy - who knew that was possible! But she is all good now thank god.
    So important to get checked, not only our Mums but ourselves so you better start getting yourself checked soon too! My sister and I have already started.
    Much love xoxox

  14. Oh so glad that your Mum (Mrs Cotton Socks?) is better. I think the presents look lovely, and I appreciate that they are all colour coordinated.

  15. Hi there!
    What a lovely blog you have here.. I'm happy I found it!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and such great pictures and inspiration!

    Wanna be followers? Let me know!

    Love from Stockholm.. xoxo!

  16. Soooo good to see you back posting again - fantastic news about your Mum hun, so happy for you all. My Mum was diagnosed with a breast carcinoma in situ last March, it was Hell. Love your Christmas photos - nothing like picking your own tree from the farm! xx

  17. Great to see you back and glad to hear your Mum is OK! xo

  18. Are you back in the blogging world then?
    Just asking...

    Have a great day from Norway:)

  19. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments re: my mum :)

    Paula, the darker coloured chihuahua is my mums!

  20. Loving your blog... Am following!

    Would love you to enter my giveaway:



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