Wednesday, July 29, 2009

S&B blackkkk

arghhh i hate the way that blogger does photos. its so annoying. its like they purposely want to make it difficult to upload and move pics around. grrr. anyways, this was the best i could go *shakes fist*

So, I love S&B and black. Lucky for me, S&B does lots of black stuff. double yay.
I love this jacket! cute! i will have to try it on one day. Im so lazy at trying things on, especially when its cold. ughhh.

I really like the look of this and I think it would be perfect!! BUTTT
the model turns around and....

BAM!!!!!!! razor back!! ughhh. hate. i need to wear a bra . k thnx. bye

so that ones a NO. im not going braless !!!

I love this vest too!! i have so many things like it though..and I could probably achieve the same look with my Alpha60 Accordion scarf. hmm. but I still want it....decisions.
I think I will wait and see what the rest of the new stock comes in before I make any purchases!

On second thoughts...I might just get the jacket and vest. hahahahahhaha. much for saving :(


  1. Jacket - stunning! YES YES YES!!

    Jumpsuit, agree! (There is going to be so many more jumpsuits coming out I think you'll be able to pick and choose by summer!)

    Vest- i think the vest is VERY close to the Alpha 60 scarf

    I have the bs&b lack jacket from last season with the same oversized pleated collar - my friend has the A60 accordion scarf- we once both wore them on the same day- EXTREMELY close look!!! You could save some money i reckon! (altho the vest is indeed STUNNING)

  2. i have a gail sorronda scarf which is similar to the vest, well just in the accordion material and tassles.
    but that vest is so amazing. i'm thinking of trying to DIY it. good luck to me. (i'm saving so shopping will have to be limited)


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