Wednesday, October 14, 2009

biggest strawberries ever!

When I look at this photo they dont seem so big...there should of been a point of reference.
this punnet is actually a jumbo punnet and not a normal size punnet or strawberries.
they are huge
i couldn't resist taking a photo! they were so yum i ate them all in one sitting

YAY summer fruits are BACK!!!!!


  1. yummm, my favourite part about summer.
    that and the beach.

    about those dancing scarf photos,
    i actually took them on my macbook.
    just through the webcam and they turned out suprisingly well.

  2. thats pretty cool!
    i have to try it . ( i have a mac too! )
    photobooth is pretty addictive. i may have wasted a few hours on that when i first got my laptop. hahaha

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