Sunday, October 18, 2009

night lights

So pretty....

I took an outfit photo yesterday but i forgot to upload the photos...oops least i uploaded all the work photos...
i thought this one was pretty...

oh and i may have taken about 50 photos of kangaroos. should i upload them all? i dont think i can pick which ones i like best! D thinks i should make a calender with them. hahahhaha
i may have gone slightly overboard but its exciting to see wild kangaroos right!!??!!

ahhhhhhh i thought so

and now for the shit news
qantas completely trashed my samsonite suitcase. its got HOLES IN IT. and now i have a hole in my new sass&bide maxi dress. ughh RUDE. and they wont do anything about it.
um lucky it was only in the dress. D's "good" suit and my marc jacobs jacket were in there too! if they had holes in them i'd be going completely mental. qantas is such a rubbish airline.
boooooo qantas booooooo

1 comment:

  1. Discovered your blog thru comments on Karlas Closet...really enjoying it...feel you pain over airline-destructoids ruining your sh*t!!


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