Tuesday, October 6, 2009

maxi skirt

arghhhh i really want this kirrily johnston maxi skirt thats on mycatwalk.com.au NOW
im going to go into the city tomorrow to try hunt it down and if i cant find it im ordering bizzzaaappppp.
i will wear it with flats (those heels look off with this skirt) and it will be in place of my leggings. i cant show my legs (they're off) and i hate jeans ( ugh on me) so maxi skirt. YAY black YAY

i will wear it similar to this style but without baby bump.
actually, my winter gut is starting to resemble a baby bump so maybe i should just embrace it and have a phantom pregnancy this summer.

maybe ill call the shop in the morning. but i prefer going to the city than armadale.
ughh armadale reeeeksssssssssss
high st. ughhhhh annoying no parking trams. etc.
but i NEED

p.s ill probs try it on and hate it. hahahahha
ill let you all know tomorrow.


oh i went shopping today and picked up some new pieces.
i will have to take some photos !! ( i always say that and it never happens)
oh and my miijo house of harlow order came in
picking it up from my parents tomorrow.

oh yes. photo up top from mycatwalk.com.au
photo down bottom goggle images.


  1. LOVE maxi skirts, I have one from yrs ago but its a teeeeny bit too short. I want a true floor-scraper! x

  2. Good price for Kirrili Johnston too! Great look!

    Damnit, now i was directed to mycatwalk ive seen the peach and gold maxi on mycatwalk.. it's gorgeous! I almost bought the oversized black and gold dress with the knot last season... the colour scheme of this one is so much better ahhh!!! Have to go look!

  3. maxi dress = maxi goodness
    but have u seen the back? no back = no bra and that scares the hell out of me.
    plus it shows side boob. and i have weird side boob.
    if it can be worn with some kind of boob cover it would be awesome!
    you cant beat peach and gold in summer! it would really suit you!

    p.s the lady at david jones today told me they arent stocking KJ anymore. which i thought was weird. hope not because then i have to drive to armadale..ughhh and find a park...double uughh. i cant do parallel parking.
    i like the no pressure david jones changing rooms!!

  4. I love those skirts. They fit really well at least on the pictures shown.
    B* a la Moda

  5. Gorgeous skirt!

    How exciting you got House of Harlow goodies?! I love Miijo, so many great accessories :)

    How cute that you wear Kelly Calache too?! Great minds, ha!
    <3 xxx

  6. Trying things on in KJ in armadale.. nooo! I agree. high pressure. I go in and feel awk enough just looking! I went last week and they didn't have the maxi skirt fyi.. but i saw the maxi dress, which appears to be the same fabric, and i thought it could be a bit clingy?

  7. yes it is a bit clingy!
    i bought it but i didnt really try it on properly.
    im trying to make it work but i have to find a tight fitting top, which i just realised i dont have.
    my whole wardrobe is loose tops!


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