Sunday, October 17, 2010


I have been away.
We went to Bali and Singapore.
I went to Bali with D and my family. There was 10 of us in total.
It was a lot of fun!
I was scared to go to Bali.
Eeeeek!!! I actually expected to hate it, but I had such a great time. I will definitely go back to Bali!

We stayed at the Pan Pacific Nirwana and I have no idea where it is.
Near Tanah Lot temple? About an hour from Kuta.
This trip was all very last minute and planned by my cousin so I'm not too sure on the details.

Here is the villa D and I stayed in.

Here I am. On the right is our bedroom/bathroom hut.
On the left is our day beds and outdoor dining area and behind me is the plunge pool.

Zeee plllunngeee pooolll.
Was great for privacy if you don't feel up to the pool scene.
The kids loved it because it was nice and shallow and they didn't need their floaties.

This was the first holiday in my adult life that I have ever got up early enough for buffet breakfast!
It was fun. I will try and do it on all future holidays!
I like making plates of weird combinations. I feel guilty if I dont eat it and try and pass it on to someone else. ie. D or my mum or dad. Hahhahaaa.
Who knew such a thing existed? And how does it exist?
People say I was crazy for eating salads and fruit in Bali. But I wasn't scared of "Bali Belly"
I could of lost a few kg from all the vomiting.

I like to eat my All Bran with banana and blueberries for breakfast in the mornings so I BYOd my All Bran.
HA. Don't laugh. I take my fibre seriously.
There were no blueberries at the buffet so I requested strawberries and bananas.
They gave me a massive plate.
How can one person eat all these bananas?
I thought the bananas were funny.
HAhah. I made D take a photo.
They tasted weird.

One day we got a driver and did a little run around Kuta.
I'm so glad we did. Drivers are so cheap in Bali and it's so much easier because they can pick you up/drop off exactly where you want to go. No getting lost and dealing with heaps of taxi drivers.
We went to Hard Rock Cafe because I wanted Nachos. Bali Nachos. Haaaaaa!!
Here was Kuta Beach.

And here...

and here...

To be honest, I don't get the appeal.
I would never go back.
We were there for a whole of 30 seconds and it was 30 seconds too many.
I've never seen such a large collection of Aussie Bogans in one area.
Even in Hard Rock Cafe, girls would come in with wet bikinis and a singlet on for lunch.
I was like "Plz cover your cooch while I eat nachos with my parents k thnx"
I dont get the whole Kuta Beach thing.
The rest of Bali that I saw, was lovely. I don't know why people would hang in Kuta, when a paradise awaits them in nearby areas.
Maybe it's because I'm getting old and cranky.

Balinese people are so lovely and friendly. I dunno how they put up with all the obnoxious bogans.
BTW My photo of me with a Bintang singlet and bali braids is coming up next.


  1. very interesting. i also dont think i would like bali, but the place you stayed looks soo nice maybe i would be surprised if i went there too.
    thanks for sharing

  2. I can't believe you never have the buffet breakfasts at the hotel... That's the best part about holidays!!! Great pics :)

  3. You have been missed aussie:)

    Great photos...

    Looked like you had a great time...SP

  4. i am probably one of the very last australian's not to have been to bali...looks like you had a great time though! coming back to perth any time soon?

  5. I've missed reading your posts, but that looks like an amazing resort!

  6. Hahaha you are SO funny. "Large collection of Australian Bogans". That is the reason why I have avoided Bali thus far, though I must admit Phuket also had a large collection of Australian Bogans.

    So glad you are back to posting so I can copy your outfits again ;)

  7. By the way. Why don't you wear skirts/shorts without the footless tights more often? You are hot. Show off your legs!

  8. Looks fabuloso! I really want to go to Bali, I heard it's beautiful. Isn't that where they've just filmed 'Eat, Pray, Love'?? Looks like you had a great time! Cute bananas too XXX

  9. So glad you enjoyed Bali!!
    My parents own a villa up there so have been up there countless times (3 times this year alone) and am proud to say I have only ever been to Kuta once!
    Bali I think sometimes has a bad reputation because of it, but if you go to the other magical places you really learn what Bali is about.
    Did you go to Seminyak at all?

  10. Thank you everyone for your comments!

    Chow - I am in Perth right now!

    Louisa - Thank you for the compliment! buuttt I would NEVER show my legs. Hahahha. They are horrid. They never get seen by anyone. I also dont show my armpits because they are weird.

    P&B - That is awesome your parents have a villa there! And its sooo close from Perth!!
    We wanted to go into seminyak but it didn't eventuate.
    We went into Legian? or something like that.
    I think that is kind of close.

  11. You've been to KTA and you're shocked by people wearing bathers to the shops?! I am glad to hear that you liked Bali. Like you, I don't think I would enjoy it, and I have never been. Did you go to markets or anything like that? Pick up some dodgy frangipanis for your hair, or get your hair braided? Come on, we know you did!

  12. It seems like you have a great time. . Bali is one of my favorite place in Indonesia! you can touch nature and that's cool, xoxo
    the fashion suggestion


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