Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I finally got around to kind of doing a post.
It's a bit crap.
I'm sorry.
I just took some photos of some things that I haven't blogged about recently.

Here is my uniform as of the past two weeks.
I'm so over the cold.
I can't handle it anymore.

I got this jacket/cape from Topshop.

I wanted to make sure the hood stayed up because I love the hood.
Here is a Sass & Bide hoodie that I got about 2-3 months ago ( I think?! )
I've worn it a lot during winter with a snow thermal underneath.
It's so comfortable.

I got this Sass & Bide dress a few weeks ago.
It's so effing short. I don't know how they call this a dress.
I've been wearing it with a skirt or short underneath. It becomes annoying with the elastic band so I think I have to wait until summer and wear it will leggings underneath.

Here are some photos of lovely cakes. I took them back in August when I was in Perth.
Man I miss cakes and treats.
I have been trying to lose 3kgs over the past 5 weeks and it has been hell.

We were at Jean Pierre Sancho in Perth.
I think my friend from Perth reads this blog sometimes. Hello F !!!
She had this weird chocolate lump thing.
Such a weird shape.
Our cakes were so delicious!

Perth people must try Jean Pierre Sancho cakes and macarons!
They also make nice coffee!

Did everyone watch GLEE?!!!!!!!
How funny was Finn's cheerios audition.
That's EXACTLY how I'd look if I was trying to do a cheerleader impersonation.

I will try and take some photos on the weekend and update my blog early next week!
I hope you are all well and not getting this crappy flu/cold we all have.
I'm so over being sick.
I feel for all you guys that get hayfeaver.
I don't but D does and I think the season is just around the corner :(
Atleast on a brighter note, it means summer is coming!!!

I have to go now and eat dinner.
Bye bye!! :)


  1. The chocolate tower looks like a challenge to me. How can you even touch it with the fork without knocking it over? And the plate is so tiny!
    We are getting ready for the first chill-nights in the City. Around here we are so far from anything near Spring. I did not realize you already "had" your winter. How cold does it get during the coldest winter days?
    The parka on pic #1 suits you really well! Are you planning on spoiling yourself with any thingy from Hermes recently? How about your clik-clak-collection? Plans on any new entries?

    Your hair has never looked better! I wish you get well in an instant and jump through the pictures like you use to!

  2. Hey Paula,
    It's usually around 9-13 degrees celsius in our winter.
    Perth is about 5 degrees warmer I'd say.
    Melbourne feels much colder though because of the rain and wind. If it's a calm day, it's okay but the wind chills is awful!

    I don't have anything in mind at Hermes!
    Although, recently I bought a new scarf ring and some ties for D from there.
    I might post about my scarf ring next week.
    I actually forgot that I bought it !
    So bad :(

  3. Oh man i have never been there, those cakes look amazing! I will have to try it out.

    That s&b hoodie...i never saw that in the boutique! that would have been awesome to have in winter, now its already really hot in perth :(

    Oh and re your question: i'm never really any set size in shoes and am either an 8 or 9...i scored the topshop boots on ebay in a 39 and they fit ok! Its a good think because i probably would have gone with the 38 had i had a choice...

    blog more missy! i enjoy your posts..


  4. chow -
    you have to go!!
    its just near the S&b boutique but walk up further on hay st towards west perth.
    I actually got the hoodie from the Perth store!
    Melb sold out in like a day so D got me one from Perth!

  5. I LOVE the S&B hoodie, I also love the CAKES. You're too legit to quit lady. xo

  6. GLEE WAS AMAZING! So glad it's back and the same goes with gg! ahhhh finally the real television shows are back :) I'm pretty sure I want a slice of cake now hahaha damn those delicious pics!

  7. ooo thanks for the pizza recc lady! I havent eaten up there, i tend to avoid food courts but next time im in town ill check it out. It was HOT in perth today, did you miss it?!

  8. Wait, there is a S+B store in Perth? How did I miss this? Love your cake pics, you will have to do some of K-Town's pathetic dessert selection next time you are here.

  9. PF -
    hahah I dont think I've ever had a dessert in karratha.
    i had a scone at jamaica blue.
    i dont think i need to tell you it was lackluster.

  10. Yes there are hardly any cafes in the city, You need to go further out... Perth is too spread out! William street is getting a few good cafes in the next few months though so you can check that out!
    900 for travelling within your own country is REDIC!!

  11. That Top Shop jacket/cape is amazing! I love it and it looks great on you

  12. Love the jacket! The desserts looks so yummy. *drool* Xx

  13. Glad you posted again :)I like your new outfits and agree that the "dress" is definitely a top! Bring on the warmer weather I say.

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog, if you are interested:

  14. yay so glad you're back! Loving all the sass and bide & you always deliver with the gorgeous dessert photos haha. I really need chocolate and strawberries now :)

  15. Hello,
    I have missed your posts. Loving all your outfits and your cakes. Meanwhile, I see while you've been offline your hair has grown! Well Done. Email me. We'll talk. x

  16. Hi! How’s it going? Great post! Wow to that chocolate dessert!

    Love Heels?

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  17. You look so gorgeous in all of the outifts! Love how delicious those cakes look!


  18. I almost bought that Sass and Bide top at chaddy tonight! how is that.... I was wearing this bright patterned dress and it was impossible to tell if it suited me or not on top of it.

    Losing weight SUCKS. My wedding is in 2 weeks, i've lost nowhere near as much as I would have hoped i would! I'm about to go overseas for 5 weeks too... will come back the biggest fatty (again!) damn my poor metabolism! Good luck with the pesky 3keg!

  19. LOVING the hoodie.
    Yay for you blogging again, I've missed your posts!

  20. Hayhay!
    How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

    Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

    Thanks and love,

  21. I went to Jean Pierre for the first time the other day and the macarons were delicious! I found it strange that they kept them refrigerated though. That chocolate thing looks so good, might need to make a trip back to sample one of those!

    You seem to visit Perth so often! Do you have family here or...?

  22. love all your new purchases! hating winter and winter clothes too! and your hair looks awesome!!!!!! as do the cakes! xo

  23. I have been the worst blogger!!! Your blog and Mez's blog from Blithely Unaware are two of my favourites and you guys kind of dropped off too. I think it is winter killing our fashion excitement. All I want to do is hibernate...

    Anywhoo I am super super jelous that you always have new S&B and that it looks so good on you....Arggh!! Amazing!! xxx

  24. Tag!

  25. I just wanted to say hey - I randomly stumbled across your blog when I was looking for something on Lauduree in Tokyo and am now hooked. Love your style!

  26. Sass and Bide are highly addictive!

    Love your blog :)

  27. Dear Ms. Socks

    I am eagerly awaiting a new post.


    Monochrome Factory

    P.s. Please



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