Tuesday, September 1, 2009

bike riding is the best!

i had so much fun bike riding in hawaii!! memories forever!
i like american bikes too. they have wide handle bars. wish i had a bell but oh wells.
riding on the right side of the road took a bit of getting used to but Hawaiians are pretty chill on the road so it was okay.
most days we rode our bikes to the whole foods market to eat the yummy goodness!!
i miss these days
come home soon D ! nini and i are on the couch waiting...

wearing a full aussie ensemble!
sportsgirl oversize tee ( wish u could see the detail. the sleeves are silk and have slits in them.)
billabong shorts ( gnarly )
sportsgirl shoes

and i ruined my true blue outfit with a chanel classic flap.

i feel i was so lazy today. i napped for 3 hours on the couch in the arvo and i feel really guilty. hope i can sleep tonight. i walked 5km but i feel i have to clean the house to makeup for napping.

hoping to get more accomplished tomorrow and go for a swim with a certain awesome friend of mine!


  1. i didnt know people actually said the word gnarly but, what do ya know ey! your so lucky its sunny where you live, england is covered by a permanant cloud that stalks me everywhere I go.

  2. thanks 4 stopping past my blog! you look super cute on your bike. must have been heaven riding round tropical paradise warm wind blowing in your hair x


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