Monday, August 31, 2009

kahala chillin

The days always look so beautiful in hawaii. what a place to live!
what i love about it, is the people. they always seem so chill.
and why wouldn't u when you have beautiful blue skies, green grass and a nice sea breeze.

this day a cyclone was passing so it rained all day. HA
( i was secretly thrilled because this meant we got to shop all day!! wooo!)

S&B top ( damn u general pants. i dunno if i wanna wear this in aus anymore :S )
and let me tell u, i had this awesome Supre bandage skirt on that the camera did not pick up. it looks like i have some black blob below my top. hahahah

I picked up this ring from Diva. Love it to bits. I get so many comments on it. Lots of people think its $$$ but infact its $

YAY coffee in a can,
Another thing that I love about Hawaii is how japanese it is. You can get so many Japanese snacks in the convenience stores.


  1. Look at the bird in the back ground hehehe. Picture perfect as usuall!!!! I want to go back :(

  2. heheh.
    i thought my head looked weird.
    not picture perfect. ur crazy.

  3. hey i like the way that coffee can accessorises perfectly with your look x

  4. 4got to say that that ring is amazing - love some gold bling, taps rings i'm feeling it!

  5. haha i didnt realise that with the can until u said it!
    maybe thats why i sub-consciously chose it at the store.
    black white and gold


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