Monday, September 14, 2009

nobu in all black

im really far behind in blogging about hawaii. tee hee. i am lazy with uploading photos.
when im in one of those "im fat and ugly and my hair is shit" moods i tend to wear this dress.
all black saves the day. i think i changed like 6000 times before i went out this night and possibly threw a few tantrums.
i think the 2 reasons stopping me from moving to hawaii are
1. shit coffee
2. my hair is always wack there.
i think it has something to do with their water. or something. hard water or soft water.
next time i go there i am getting a good hair dryer. my parlux wont even turn on there. ha!

an ode to no one dress
elizabeth & james shrug
country road shoes
chanel handbag
HOH jewelery

watching the VMAS. kanye boo taylor swizzles yay!!
eating fruit salad
i spent $5 on these stupid blueberries and most of them are sour. boo coles! boo!!
does pineapple make anyone else burp a lot? just me? hmmz


  1. Thats my favourite outfit, its ROCKSTAR!!!! hahaha. Why would Kanye do that, T-Swizzles is just a kid.

  2. Great outfit! Love the bag especially <3
    And yes, how was Kanye?!

    So glad you found my blog again :)

    I read a sweet comment you wrote about me on Lady Mels blog when I stopped blogging, so thank you! <3 xxx


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