Friday, September 4, 2009

elizabeth & james

Whenever i look at the olsen twins brand, elizabeth and james, on the internet, the clothes are always foul, but when i looked at their stuff in aloha rag and neimens in hawaii, there was awesome stuff. (longest sentence ever) its like all the crap bits get sold on the net. anyways,

i loved this oversize tee. it goes low at the front. i bought mine in an xs so imagine how huge they get as the sizes get bigger. crazzzzyyyy ovvverrsiizzeee

Elizabeth and James top
Roxy shorts (gnarly ha)
House of Harlow ring
and i wore with
Mimco shoes below

I'm thinking of painting the pink and blue bits black. Just cuz colour gives me anxiety. ha.

Anyways, we hired a car for the day and drove to the north shore.
mustang sally

we went to some "famous" place for shave ice, which is really just a snow cone.
didnt really get the big deal.
some people got rainbow ones and they looked cool.
i just got plain cherry and D got green apple
yummy but so huge. and mine was a small

sunset at north shore....

i found pear grey goose there too! YAY so happy i was.
sometimes, the small things in life make me happiest.
this day was SO MUCH FUN.
It was Ds birthday and we hadn't really planned much, we never do, but driving around the island was so fun.
we stopped by a starbucks and got coffees and snacks and cruised around the north shores, and saw a place my grandpa raved about when he was alive ( 25 years ago) and then stopped by some shops ( scored some missoni scarves! YAY presents on Ds bday)
then we stopped by taco bell. yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

anyways, best day ever!!! hawaiins are so super nice. this crazy cockroach x mutant fluro yellow bug kept attacking me and we pulled over on the freeway and within 2 mins some nice fellow stopped to help us.

enough rambling from me
D is coming home tomorrow morning!!!! YAY cant wait.
i just sprayed Spray'n'Wipe on my keyboard and now the shift key isnt working.

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  1. Ahaha colour anxiety. Story of my LIFE! Love the tee, it's perfect!


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