Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Whole Foods Market = nom nom nom

I loved Whole Foods Market so much! best place ever!!!
if you thought Macro was good think Macro x 100000000
i will die if we get it here in australia. die.
nom nom
scoff scoff

D got the pizza each time and it was so incredibly yummy. perhaps the best pizza ive ever had, and that includes all pizza eaten in europe. big call. i know i know.

my tub had this awesome cous cous with currants and almonds so yum.
kalamata olive and feta penne pasta
sesame and soy tofu
roasted carrots

and fresh fruit with yoghurt.

im getting so hungry just thinking about it!!
wish i had a photo of my chocolate sago pudding!!!
nom nom!
should of taken photos inside but i dunno if thats a bit weird or not.
my camera is huge so its super obvious.
i did take a photo of soy whip cream for a friend though
must send to her now.
or tweet
tweet tweet, tweet tweet yeah.

beach coverup - Topshop
Sunnies - Raybans
Nails - O.P.I Lincoln Park After Dark

p.s Starbucks coffee is even worse over there than here.


  1. Ok so we were going to maybe go to Japan, but that food is awesome and now i want to go to hawaii again

  2. Hawaiiiiiii...I love PIZZA and those days. Cant wait to go back to my Island Home.

  3. wholefood is pretty awesome and this is such a great blog btw :)


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