Tuesday, October 16, 2012


when in bali, we go to kudeta.
it always has different decorations which keeps it fun.

must run to bar first thing.

happy now that i have drink. awks face. bad hair - don't care.

sunsets and sand. kieran taking a photo of.

side bar.


espresso martini. was yummy. tasted too eggy for me. had to pass it on. had a chocolate on the side. odd.

lychee rose martini. zoo good. its like turkish delight in a cup and i love it.

holly says hi

maryanne gives me the side eye. i think now is the moment where her husband would like me to clarify that she is holding a mocktail.

alicia tries to seduce the camera

pink skies no lies

group shot. BALLLIIIIII !!!

lots of floating lanterns. some weird orb in the middle


jump shot!

Now i am going to try and figure out how to reply to comments on blogger.
i have instructions.
wish me luck


  1. Replies
    1. I'm am so proud of you shnooks!!!

      Now to get over the claire danes thing...

  2. Ohhhhh Rae, I honestly think you have the best jump poses but D is certainly coming close!!!

    I want lychee martini that taste like Turkish delight in a cup. Yum yum!


  3. yay new blog!! kieran takes some rad photos!
    when i got to KDT i was so jonesing for a drink. that first sip was ace.
    haha, dion reminds me of those tin monkeys in the jump shot! sirry kids.

    1. omg. i am replying to my own msg.

      let's go to ku de ta for dinner tomorrow.

  4. Excellent clarification on the mocktail front!

    Yum. Bali was fun even if I do look exhausted.

  5. Love all the wedding shenanigan snaps.

    Cocktails that taste like egg sound REVOLTING. Just say NO x


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