Tuesday, October 23, 2012

water sports and tater head

In bali, we did water sports. or perhaps its more "water activities"

we did banana. or the naaaaniiii.

and we did jet ski. 
i look petrified so you are going to have to just look at alicia. 
I've never been jet skiing in an ocean before. 
lets just say its very different to a lake.

we're on a boat.

we take photos with random status and pretend we are the animal/person in statue.
lets all take note at how lucky kate is for not showing her brittney. lucky? or skills? you decide. 

we go to Potato Head. or tater head. or tatey head.

we take photos of our cocktails.

we take photos of doors on walls.

we take photos of our clutches. 

this was my wedding clutch. a lil anya hindmarch gold glitter number to match my shoes.

we walk around in a blurry manner wearing camilla kaftans.


  1. have that Anya clutch in blue and luff it. Saw one like it in Jean Brown today with bells sewn all over it. Bells! x

  2. I think that I will remember the jet skiing for ever.

  3. hahaha re: my face on the 'nana. i'm holding on whilst everyone else waves w gay abandon.
    it was fun once i fell in.
    best wedding.

  4. Your photos are always freaken fantastic.
    LOVEEEE it!
    Here is a creepy fact!
    I get most traffic to my blog through your blog oooohhhh scarrrryyyyyy

    1. that is weird! i thought no one read my blog anymore!!


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