Sunday, November 8, 2009


I was down in pemberton (350km south of perth) for a wedding and it sure was different to what ive been around lately..
its almost weird to be in the "wild". i felt odd.
im back in perth now and finally have phone reception and internet!!
three days with no phone/internet!!! ahhh!! at first i was having a mild panic attack. but the weekend went so fast i didnt even notice.
but seriously though, when u want to talk to someone you have to walk to their cabin instead of SMSing them. ugh annoying. hahahah

here is D feeding the birds....wrong town...dont feed the wild!!!
here is what i wore to the church..... CHURCH
i wanted to wear a hat/fascinator but i was really lazy and didnt find one in the shops
but SOOOOOO many people at the church did. made me feel left out.
and ughhh whats with my foul hair? yeahhhhhhhh i had a bad hair day. the water was off and i couldn't get the conditioner out. whatevs.
what happened to my face? it looks all blurry. HA. HA. i made a funny.
it full on felt like i was at school camp hey.
so weird.
there was people canoeing and stuff. hahhaha canoes!!!
so school camp style

the rooms are on the lake. as in half in the lake..built on stilts...and you see the ducks and fish etc.
its nice and quiet though.
twas fun.
more piccas coming soon!!! probably when i get back to melbourne.

outfit deets:
thomas wylde dress/top thing
kookai slip underneath
sportsgirl ruched leggings
mollini kitten heels. ( need to reserve the foot pain for dancing at the reception!)
plus i feel odd wearing sky high heels in church.

im in the executive club at the hotel in perth and these two ladies behind me are getting shit faced off the free booze. its so odd. they even took the bottle from the bar to their table. they're my mothers age. all rowdy and boozin it up.
hahahah so funny.
boooozzeee iiittt upppp laadddiieeezzz

i heard summer arrived in melbourne. yay-ish.
not sure how i feel about heat in melb yet.
i like that i have heat here and go back to cold in melbourne.
makes it fun for my wardrobe.
now its like im sick of all my "perth" clothes ie summer clothes.
and i need new summer stuff
ARshlgkjdlfgkjdflgjk HATE shopping.
ok have to find somewhere nice in perth for dinner.
might take all night. HA... i kid. i kid.

cant wait to catch up on all the blogs!


  1. Your outfit is divine, you look absolutely gorgeous. And your hair looks good!
    Your top/dress thing ha! ;) is stunning. Very sophisticated but effortless. I need something like that in my wardrobe 'cos I am living in leggings recently.

    Ha to the boozy ladies! I used to be a bartender when a student and I've always said that theres no worse drunk than a middle aged woman - they get scary and cackle like witches :) Lord help me when I get to that age!

    <3 xxx

  2. omgeee
    thats exactly what they were like!! cackling witches!
    great call.
    after i wrote this i saw them stumbling around the hotel looking for their room.
    ohhhhh i cant wait for my mid life crisis! it looks fun.

  3. Love your outfit!
    and yes summer has arrived here - so weird I love the heat but I don't like to tan (not a big skin cancer fan).
    So you are Melb based then?

  4. yes melbourne based !
    i love melbourne :)


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