Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I got a blog award!!

how exciting.
Thank you to Fashion Westie!!!
everyone check out her blog. she is much more dedicated than me and uploads lots of stylish outfit pics. she has her own style which makes her blog really interesting to read !
Plus she is from New Ze ! Beautiful Country!

Anyways I'm supposed to reveal 7 interesting facts about myself.
I cant even come up with 1.
I suck at this type of thing. I asked Kate and she came up with nothing and Ds were really NOT interesting.
you guys both suck! actually, its me that sucks. im clearly not interesting!
I will try and think of stuff.

1. I am crazy about my baby girl Taco !!! She means so much to me and i miss her so much. Im currently renting so she lives with my parents but i drive 45 minutes away to see her several times a week. Love her to bits!! Life isnt the same without her and i constantly miss her.
She has about 20 names.
Taco, Taco Bell, Nini, Nini bee, Squiddle, Widgey, Skimmy, Nacho, Corn Chip, Buzzy Buzz Bee, Widget, Nindi, Skimmy Bee omg. and these are the ones on high rotation. there are more.
I talk like an idiot when with her eg " whoooss myyy babbyyy guuurrllll?? NINIIII beee isss!!!" etc but i dont care!! YAY NINDIIIII

2. I was in the Herald Sun when i was young. on page 3 ! hahah it was a half page story about how i used to be a dancer that also rode dirt bikes. HAHAH how boring. slow news day or what? but it was so odd. i have no idea why they did it. ( i was pretty young. primary school age. im guessing 9yo?) and he took photos of me riding and then came to my dance classes and took photos etc. i really dont know what the point was. maybe ill find it and read it one day. i cant really remember it. i remember they called me a "dancing daredevil" HA! i hated it and cringed. even at that age.

3. My bf and i spend more time apart than together. its sucky but we deal with the situation. its why i started this blog! we thought it would be a fun way to stay in contact. he has been the laziest shittest blogger though. and then some people started reading our blogs and the rest is history! anyways, we live on opposites sides of the country but we still see each other every 2 weeks despite the 12 hour distance.

4. Once i won $8000 at crown on pontoon. i was 18. i thought it was the biggest amount of money ever. like ill buy a house with that shiz. god i was stupid at 18. HAHAHA
i think i spent it on clothes. and went to japan. and bought a LV handbag. hellz yeah.

5. are you all bored yet? this is a lot of typing for me. i told you all im not interesting.
can this be included as a point? hahahah ok ok think THINK!! ughhh. OK I GOT ONE
i can kinda speak japanese. well i learnt japanese for 8 years and i did it for a bit at uni. but uni was 7 years ago ( AHHH IM OLD) and now im forgetting it. ive been to japan 4 times and last year a bit came back to me. i think i can understand a lot but to speak stuff im starting to forget quickly. but can still have a basic conversation easily. and i can still read it !!
This photo below is of me in japan last year wearing the yukata in the hotel room. is it weird that i put it on and took a photo? i think so. look at my hair colour!
maybe ill dye it back again this winter. it was fun.

6. My bf is a full stalker. ok not really. but after we went out for a while we realised his first cousin was my bff from dancing in primary school and he used to come to all my dancing concerts. hahah. it was quite possible we met at the young age of 6.
i like to say he was this creepy child who stalked me from age 6. HA. HAHAHHAHhaha
its quite weird considering none of us lived near each other. and never went to the same schools or social scenes. i ended up meeting him through a friend i also met randomly through another friend at a club who wanted me to do his hair for a concert. and im not a hairdresser. all hard to explain

7. still ready ?? wow! umz okay
im full on scared of flying. is that interesting? im prescribed valium for flight anxiety and the last time i didnt take it i got thrown of my flight to japan in cairns. i dont really remember much but i was sick on the plane and i woke up in the emergency room at cairns hospital.
whatevs, i still went to japan 24 hours later. doped up.
but i fly a lot with work/holidays so its quite odd.
i just hate it and think im going to die.
it kills me. i cant eat for like a week before i fly.
i MAY wake up screaming if i fall asleep on flights...well once or twice...maybe. hahaha
people get scared. i sometimes pray when landing. i sit there and count to 2000 when landing as well. that sometimes helps. hahahhaha
im that girl

ok YAY
thank you for reading if you did!
EVERYONE must reply!! Let me know if you do?
This took me ages, and i think it was about an hour. I suck.
im so tired
bed time


  1. Taco is SOOO cute...love the fact that you have a million names. You are much more interesting than you realise...valium every time you fly? Thrown off the plane? Mind you, if I was on that flight and there was some crazy freakin' out, I'd want them off. Haha. I'm trying to learn Japanese now (I'm far too old to be learning new shiz) but just can't wrap my head around it. Great post dudette, I enjoyed it!!!

  2. Haha your random facts are not only interesting.. but enetertaining too:) Oh and taco is adorable!! I understand the need for the 20 odd names!

  3. Cute baby!!! But it takes more than 7 interesting things to descibe you. hehehe (SUCK) I agree with fashion westie you are much more interesting than you realise. Tink in my closet is also "CORRECT" ....:entertaining too!!! Stuck in my room at the camp and exhausted but your post made me laugh so much...YOU RULE!!!

  4. Wait let me clarify,
    i got thrown off cuz i was passed out. not running up and down the aisles a la marge simpson. hahahaha

    good luck with the japanese fashion westie!!


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