Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ben, Jerry and John

Right now I'm eating Ben&Jerry's and watching John Safran's Race Relations... i love him!!

First off, I want to smash John's friend who said he wouldn't turn up to his wedding if he married a non-jewish girl. that makes me so mad. what an idiot. he's not really johns friend.

now back to the good stuff.
how good is ben and jerrys? OOOMGGEEEEE
im NOT an ice-cream person. i like the occasional almond magnum mini but thats it.
but for some weird reason i bought these the other day to see what all the family guy references are about.
and daannng
they're sooo good!
lets start with strawberry cheesecake. it actually has the cookie goodness in it!!!
and the chunky monkey has big walnuts and chocolate chucks in banana ice-cream
and its so chunky. usually ice-cream has like 97% ice-cream 3% suprises. but this is like atleast 30% goodness. every bite has fun in it. and its gooooood. yayayayayay
i heard there is a peanut butter flavour. im going to go in search of it.
ADD 5kgs BEFORE XMAS! comon everyone! you can do it!! hahahhaha
actually i need to lose 5kg. but i have been on it! i promise
now im going to put the ice-cream away.
see blogging is good!! it made me back away from the tub.

FYI i was eating them out of the tub with a spoon. ahhaah and they are about 60grams of fat per tub. FOUL!

i love john safran <3>


  1. ooooh ben and jerry's strawberry cheesecake is the bestest. they are so bad yet SO GOOD. love the blog!

  2. You have just delayed starting my diet (yet) another day with the ice cream reference.. looks delicious... I am going to the supermarket!!!!

    I went here this week and they gave me a tonne of freebies which lasted the whole way home..
    They have some crazy flavours!

    I love john safran too! Have met him a couple of times through work related things (not that I am mates with him or anyting, just brief meetings) he's really quiet/ reserved in person. Lovely tho!


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