Sunday, November 1, 2009

pale pink meh

I am definitely not a pink person. or a girly person....but when i spotted this pale pink "silk" jacket at forever new i had to have it. i think its the puffy sleeves..

i never look in forever new...not sure why i was there that day but sure glad i went in.
because its so thin it will perfect for those weird summer days that are in between.
i bought a new white tshirt to wear with it as well which will be perfect for summer! yay

forever new jacket
sportsgirl black tee (probably should of ironed it. woops)
ksubi jeans
and im wearing my green HOH necklace in this photo but u cant see it. dang!

oh and ive cut all my hair off. SOB. i hate it
grow back soon hair!! i miss you.


  1. Hey I love that jacket! I tried it on and had to seriously talk myself out of it because at the time I was totally poor. It looks cute on you! xx

  2. very sweet jacket! I never go in there either, but once i found an adorable floral dress. Looked super 70s.

  3. It's a darling jacket, the sleeves are rather fantastic, thanks for sharing!


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