Friday, November 20, 2009

Skull money box

When i went to chadstone the other day for the opening of the new boutiques, i went with the intention of buying the new melbourne chanel exclusive flap or a red flap but seeing them in real life, made me think meh. so i opted out.
i walked past smiggle and saw this money box skull and was way more excited.
so i snapped it up straight away!
my skull collection is getting large! ill have to take a photo of them all one day!

and now it sits here with some peonies i picked up today... in a country road vase..
i like country road vases because they are nice and heavy...

the photos are a bit lousey.....couldn't get any natural light in the room..the sky is so gloomy now the cold change has come was 38.4 degrees this morning! and now itslike 20 degrees!! crazy!!

oh and interesting fact for the day.
i came home at about 3.30 today to find the house reeking of gas. like REEKING. from the front door i was like wtf. i thought at first i was being silly, and then i went to see if i had forgotten to take the trash out... and then i saw the stove and realised i had left the gas on from 7pm the night before!! WTF insane!!!
after i cooked dinner i went for a walk for an hour and then to bed and i closed my bedroom door. when i got ready this morning i went straight from my bedroom outside so i never went near the kitchen to smell the gas. holey moley!! that was nearly 24 of gas on. its so bad.
ive had the doors open for over an hour now to try and air it out.
what if i lit a candle or some shiz? ( which i do ALL THE TIME)
im such an idiot.
atleast i will be more careful from now on.
i have no idea how i did it. i feel stupid.


  1. The gas situation's daaaangerrrrrrous. Is chadstone really worth the 40 minute journ? Most of the 'designer boutiques' have stores in the city anyway, well other than miu miu and jimmy choo.

    + You saw me at bourke st? I've been getting heaps of sightings lately i wonder why people don't say hey :( And you saw Mint M&Ms at woolies? I need to try them stat.

    cute blog


  2. I felt very underwhelmed by the limited edition bags, but i was enamoured with the jumbo 2.55 in navy! Holy moly, gorgeous!

    The Wang bag is yet to properly make an appearance.. isnt that terrible!? It needs to be chocka block to sit well. The handles are so short, and I am almost thinking of re-selling? I can't hold it under my shoulder cause the handles are so short. I bought it 'pre-loved'(only way i could find it!) It's SOOOOOO heavy, so it's a lot to hold on the elbow.

    You have spooked me with the YSL ring. Do you know what size you'd normally take? I pre ordered an 8!!! I am not getting it until december, i hope it fits!?
    I tried it on in romania and couldnt get it on any finger- assumed it was a tiny size, imagine if it was the 8!ra

  3. ps. The gas sitch - SCARY! What a relief you didnt light a candle, eeek!s

  4. I went to Chadstone too but it's only 10 minutes away from me so it's nothing particularly exciting.
    Love the skull moneybox, I have one too but mine is flocked and kind of velvety. I much prefer yours! Where was it from? Mine was from FAT.
    Crazy about the gas too!!

  5. BEST MONEY BOX EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    One Love,

  7. Oh my you are lucky.. that such a long time to have gas running!

    The skull is so cool. Its so shiny and tough- pure awesomeness!

  8. I love the skull money-box. Does it have a lid on the bottom or do you have to smash it to get your savings out?

  9. Hey Lucinda, sorry for the late reply,

    it has a lid at the bottom so you dont have to smash it open :)


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