Thursday, January 7, 2010

Boxing Day in Singapore

Argh so after about 3-4 hours sleep we got up and finished packing and rushed to the airport.
It felt so weird to be leaving so soon after xmas. i wanted to play with all my xmas gifts. boo!
but then when we got on the plane it was decorated xmas style! it made me so happy.
btw, i love the camo seat covers singapore airlines. tres chic.

Singapore has lovely xmas lights. very festive. step yo game up melbourne.

Singapore i love you but you make my hair go REAL FOUL. All the humidity made my hair go frizz x 10000 so i ran into sephora for emergency brush buying. D obviously felt the need to document the adventure.
Oh and the starbucks cup i am holding contained the best starbucks ever made. im not kidding!!
the xmas flavour here was so shit. "gingerbread" pfft. more like pine needles.
singapore had cherry mocha and choc mint mocha. we got one of each and they were amazing.
so good. sdflkjsldfjsdlfj so good.

More xmas goodness in singapore.
how good is that tree? makes mine look rubbish.

yayayayya festive lights. so cute. i LOVED IT.
i might of taken like 200 photos. hahahahahha. D loved it.

Back at the Singapore lounge at changi, and let me just say, this photo is for you qantas,
plz take note.
this is how its done.
i ate so much shiz in here it was off. i took the buffet seriously.

some lovely ladies bought us "xmas tea" and they had a trolley full of xmas treats! should of taken a photo. slightly odd. anyway
i chose these. SO GOOD.
i took a photo of D and i posing with them but he had a sook that he looked stupid and wouldn't let me post it and suggested i posted a photo of him sticking his finger up instead.
so looks like im posting neither.

2nd leg of the journey onto paris.
i was excited to be on the A380. Not only because its like the biggest plane ever.
but because its NEW and it has that new plane smell.
its like the TITANIC of the sky. i so knew it was going to crash. it didnt. oh well. maybe next time.
how bomb is the seating ? really? QANTAS PLZ LOOK TAKE NOTE.
qantas seats are like half the size. actually a third of the size. i want to love qantas but they make it hard.
plus the singapore staff are so amazing. nicest people ever.
singapore has won me over. and that is no easy task.

These seats turn into a fully flat bed. I MAY of slept the entire 24 hours to paris. HA ok minus 3.
*runs away in shame* but D slept about 18 of it so he is just as bad. We slept through meals as well.
I ate this pasta though. I am so obsessed with plane food. i took photos of ALL my meals. PYSCHO. yes. but i like to compare.
this was their vegan pasta. im not vegan, just vegetarian, but i order vegan on planes out of fear they will give me quiche. and i hate eggs. so gross.
eggs be gone.
singapore meals are way better than qantas.

ok crazy random photo heavy post done.

In other news, my dad was on the radio this morning because he won a contest. ( who even enters this shit anyway???!!) and he sounded SO HILLARIOUS. omg i have not stopped laughing. i recorded it and i want to post it but he says his real name.
he sounds like a woman.
omg. too funny.
i will be making fun of him FOREVER!!

so glad im back in melbourne. i can catch up on everyones blogs. i have missed all your blogs deeply!
YAY melbourne i love you!


  1. Photos of me sticking my finger up is very funny. OK OK its only really me who finds it funny... but I think it portrays my cheeky personality...

    hahahahahahahahahaha can post the other photo if you want i was only kidding. I always look bad in photos next to you. I guess "every rose has its thorne"

  2. P.S you are the rose. Good blog...TAKE NOTE QANTAS!!!!!

  3. Why do I have an e in thron... should I stop commenting now.

    I want to go back to PARIS

  4. you've convinced me to fly singapore every time now, that A380 is so incredible!! yes I hope Qantas takes note... sigh. That's so awesome how much you got to sleep, I'm so jealous. Flightback from paris a couple of years ago? I slept about 1hr. Hideous. yay for advanced in aviation! glad you had a great time =] only recently discovered your blog and I'm quite enjoying it. xx

  5. great holiday snaps :) so envious I spent my whole Christmas break in Melbourne (had relatives visit).

    Just found your blog today and I look fwd to looking around. It's nice to find more elbourne bloggers!

  6. I heart the xmas lights. I keep making Kieran stop at all the houses we went by to look at there lights...... sniff our area sucks at the lighting of xmas

  7. cool pictures! looks like you had fun!

  8. singapore is my most stop destination whenever i travel, lovelalalove that place. qantas - no, no, no... singapore all the way. added you to my blog list, you're great!! ♥

  9. I miss Singapore! I go back once or twice a year. I was just back in July with my boy and that "Ion" shopping complex wasn't ready yet. It looks really good now!

    I don't even realise they have a Sephora! And I lived there for 10 years! Lol!

  10. The humidity in Singapore is SO EVIL. I just gave up and embraced the curls. Ok the frizz.

    By the way, I love discovering a fellow egg hater! I too ask for vegan not vegetarian for fear of quiche and scrambled grossness!



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