Monday, January 11, 2010

Finally we arrive in Paris !

We arrived in Paris at about 6am and by the time we got to our room it was more like 9am. Still not really light outside so we relaxed for a bit before we ventured outside. It was a Sunday anyways...Sunday is rest day.
Here is D just chillin on a chair. THRILLING STUFF?? hahaha. You can tell he is trying to act too cool for the photo but really he is secretly posing with his arm up like that. HE LOVES THE CAMERA. hahhahahahahaaaaaa ( yessssss you doooooooo)

The whole week I felt like i was going to hit my head on roof. But how cool are the weird bronze naked bodies on the mirrors? Actually they were all over the suite. I'd say there was atleast 8 of them in our suite.
We stayed at the Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris. It's nowhere as nice as other park hyatts but amazing for Paris. I wish Paris would jazz up its hotels. If your not into floral nanny style decorating it's hard to find anywhere "nice"

When you open up on of those windows (like the one he is sitting infront of) you get amazing views of paris.
I had no idea you could see the Eiffel Tower outside our window. They didn't tell us on our room tour either. BTW room tours are so odd. Why do they show you how to turn on the TV and the lights? Does anyone need help to figure these things out?
I used my zoom on this photo. We weren't that close.

Then once it got a bit lighter we headed out to Champs Elysees. YAY. It's open on Sunday.
I took a photo here at the Arc de Triomphe. D and I came here together 2 years ago! I have to find that photo to compare them both! Ahhh memories. We love Paris!

A close up shot D took... of the tree......Ahahahahhah and the arc... your the best photographer D!! love love love.

I guess there is no point in giving outfit details. It all just blends in as one black blob. I wore my mouse flats in this photo and almost everyone stared at them. It gave me a complex.
I wore them a couple of days in paris and every time everyone just stared. D thinks it's because people like them but I think it's because people think I look weird. i dunno. Maybe because I'm not wearing boots. I'm not a BOOT person. They just dont suit me. I just wore 2 pairs of thick tights everyday. Somedays 3 pairs. hahahah.
whatever. I'm not a boots/pants person.
It makes me feel weird. Like im wearing a straight jacket. THATS IT !!! PANTS ARE LIKE WEARING A STRAIGHT JACKET.
I hate pants.
You will never see pants on my blog!!! huuzzzuuhh!!

I just saw on the news that where i took this photo is now covered in snow.
Want to be back in Paris now.
Just got back from -5 degrees and straight into 43 degrees. Cheers. My body will LOVE this.
Im going to go take some vitamins now.

Adios muchachos.


  1. amazing photos, amazing apartment and I absolutely love your bag! glad you had a great time =] xx

  2. wow! I love that hotel room.
    Nice choice.
    Cute outfit, too. I love the mouse flats hehe

  3. I love those mouse flats!! Very slick outfit. The Hello Kitty phone cover was from ebay. Do a search for 'hello kitty iphone cover rhinestones' mine was from HK. Thank you for the blog comment, can't wait to see more photos of your trip. ♥

  4. I love love your blog. It's gone straight to my blogroll! And the shoes are gorgeous, I think they stared because they like them :)

  5. Lovely outfit - I know how hard it is to dress for utterly freezing weather!

    Looking forward to seeing more of your Paris trip.


  6. That is a pose of exhaustion in the chair. I was so jet lagged. heheh. I miss Paris. Lets go back. How can I FIFO from Paris. I will start looking. hehehehe

  7. photo of the tree is cool. I call it the Arc de Treeomphe..

  8. Wow...I love all the photos!! I wish I can visit Paris!

  9. just found this blog and love it! will add it to my list.

  10. Amazing!!! You look so cute, it's hard to pull off a good outfit in the cold, but you do it effortlessly ;)

  11. I think i can work out your black blob!! its a cute Blob outfit.

    D looks super pimping in that photo like he wont get up for you and you have to come over and kiss his hand.... maybe like a stylish scarface and less the illegal ativity

  12. thank you everyone for your kind comments! :-)

  13. Love these photos, you look so chic! Ah I want to go to Paris more than anything x Sushi


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