Saturday, January 23, 2010

My bday at Disneyland

I am in such a lazy mood today. Having such a shiiiiittttt day. CBF etc etc
I thought i'd blog to lift my mood. it better work. ZZzzzZZzzz Maybe i need chocolate? YES~!~!!~~! that will lift my mood and energy!! two birds. one stone.
okay back to the story,
I had my bday in Paris and when i got out of the shower i walked into my newly decorated room. Thanks D !! he's so crazy. hahah
i must admit i had a feeling. i could hear weird blowing sounds coming from the room.
i must of been in the shower for ages for him to do all this. i washed my hair.
i love that the happy birthday sign is in french. LOVE. i kept it.
Do you like my rexona can on the bedside table? It adds a certain something to the photo yes?

And then the door bell went and a cake arrived with a candle! what a suprise!!
It was a chocolate cake with that gold shiz that people go nuts for. i dunno what its called. it tastes like nothing to me. i dont get the hype apart from the prettiness.
I was channeling Rachel Zoe in a white bath robe. I didn't enjoy it. it was heavy and annoying. i dont get why she lives in them.
I like to iron all my clothes each morning. please note the ironing board.

My parents sent me these flowers. ALL THE WAY FROM AUSTRALIA. well not really. but u get what i mean. The bunch was HUGE. It was awesome. I was very suprised.

Two of my dearest friends gave me presents before i left for paris so i could have something to open on my bday. YAY they are the best. it was really touching to think around all the xmas madness they had thought of me. i love them dearly.

Disney Couture bracelet sitting on top of Missoni towels. My friends know me so well. YAY LOVE the presents. yayayayayayya.

What a coincidence i opened my Disney present on the same day I'm going to Disneyland.
Here I am in the Alice in Wonderland Maze.
I had a lot of stupid photos from the day but this one is hillarious. So unflattering but everytime i look at it i laugh. ANUS MOUTH. AHHHAHA funny. but it really does look like an anus doesn't it? D will be cringing as he reads this.
hahahah sorrrryyyy honey..
I was trying to pull a spookey pose in the spookey maze. hahah it didn't work.

This coat i bought from Topshop is super cute. Well when worn without 6 layers underneath. It's like an oversize tulip jacket. I can't wait to wear it again in Melbourne.

My favourite rides at Disneyland are It's a Small World and The Haunted Manor.

And here is Main Street at night. awee princeesss castttlleeyyyy.

It rained hardcore. we watched the parade from the Walt restaurant on main street. it was awesome.
The fireworks were cancelled because of the rain, which usually would devastate me because i love fireworks like a 6 year old. That night, i was kind of happy. I was soooo cold and wet and sicky.
Xmas tree goodness

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!
and long weekend for some!
I have some fun plans for the weekend. I will detox all next week.


  1. You had your birthday in Disneyland?? That is so awesome! :D Looks like you had a lovely time. x

  2. Cotton that looks amazing! So sweet of your boyfriend :)

  3. Happy birthday!!

    Your bf sound so sweet and love your presents!:)

  4. WOW looks like you had an amazing birthday! So sweet of your bf.. Oh wait, excuse me... Your fiance :D to decorate your room!

    Love the Disney Couture bracelet and Missoni Towels! Such lovely presents!

    Disneyland looks like loads of fun :)


  5. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had an amazing time. Thats so sweet of your boyfriend, and your parents sending the flowers. Disney land looks so beautiful, I hope you wore the Disney Couture bracelet when you went there!

  6. aaawwwwww!!!
    i love this!!
    everything about it makes me want to get a new boyfriend hahah

  7. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know, hotel bathrobes are usually heavy and starched, I like my terry one at home much better.

    CBF commenting on ever post but I love your chanel bag(just narrowly missed one on ebay :( ) and hermes bracelet!


  8. Thank you for all the birthday wishes!


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