Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Notre Dame

Here i am waiting for a taxi on the Champs Elysees. I like this photo. I think its funny as.
Its perfect for Perez Hilton to squiggle a penis to my mouth. aaahahhaha. that was off. but its funnnnnyyy.
and you get to see my Missoni scarf. Yesssss winter wonderland magic that i purchased on sale at saks in hawaii. Srsly, which purchasing genius at saks thought woolen scarves would sell well in a country that hardly sees below 30 degrees. Oh well. I'm NOT complaining. Missoni makes me happy.

Yes now lets move along from my ugly mug,
We caught a cab to Notre Dame...
As soon as we arrived the bells started going crraaazzzyyyy. They knew i was coming. HA.
that was like a dad joke wasn't it? hahahha
How beautiful is it?

What a let down of an xmas tree. It was so ...unimpressive.
It was like this ugly thing in the way of a beautiful cathedral.

If you are into photography like me, you will go nuts here.
However, it is a church, and they do mass. respect.
i didn't use flash, and was very discrete with my photo taking.
some other people are foul.
there was a lot of people who obviously found this to be a very touching religious experience, and then you've got tourists all over the place going snap happy. so gross.

You can kinda see my new Zara boots in the photo above. soo buckletastic. cant wait to wear them again.
Below is the priest during mass. i felt odd taking his photo but i stood ages away and used a zoom lens with no flash.
is it weird to take a photo? i dunno. D's mum is catholic and i thought she'd really love it and i wanted to share it with her so i took it anyway. i thought if the photos would be enjoyed by others it would be okay.

All the lovely candles in the church give it a really nice vibe....

There was also confessional booths which really fascinated me but i didn't take photos because they were in use and i thought that would be off. They were doing confession in so many languages. i was so impressed!!
The whole idea of confession/repenting really intrigues me.

Have any of you guys been to notre dame? How did you feel? I felt overwhelmed and very intimidated at the start. But then i found it very moving the more i thought about it. Just how old it is and how different things would of been back in the day..
The church organ was HARDCORE. it kind of hurt my ears. I found it hard to handle.

The photo below I took from the outside. This hasn't been edited, i promise. It's the true colour not sepia etc.
It turned out kinda cool and i think i will print it for our home.
Because we turned up so late, the towers were closed. No gargoyles for me !! BOO!
Oh well, next time for sure! I want to see the notre dame during the day ! It would be amazing.
I highly recommend going there during a holiday in paris! I loved it !

And in other news,
here is the photo of my ringading.
I hate my chubba fingers so i did the ultra corny ring in flower photo.
yayyayaya. hahhahha. Well D's mum loves it and i took it for her because she wanted a photo. And if she is happy, i am happy.

I was watching 7pm Project. I like Father Bob. He is alright.


  1. Wow those photos of Notre Dame are stunning, I love that shot up the side of the church.
    Your engagement ring is so beautiful. x

  2. Beautiful photos, love your Missoni scarf! I thought the shopping in Hawaii was great, especially the Ala Moana mall...heaven.

    I've been to Notre Dame (years ago, I was in Paris last year but didn't go in - not being Catholic, so I figured once was enough!) and I felt the same way. It is a very intimidating, beautiful and sombering place. I feel the same way whenever I visit churches and temples on holidays.

    Stunning engagement ring.


  3. the last photo of Notre Dame is stunning!

    and your ring... perfection.

    the ring and rose made me giggle.

  4. Your notre dame photos look amazing! I think it's really thoughtful that you chose to respect people praying/attending mass and not use flash when taking your photos- I guess I would liken it to being distracting/disrespecful if you did :)
    I love your missoni scarf! I've always wanted one, but am always worried that if I do get one it won't go with anything!
    You look like you're having so much fun! Can't wait to read more :)
    p.s. Your ring is amazing!!!! You are one lucky girl!

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  6. great scarf.
    awesome photos.
    beautiful ring.
    sweet perez hilton call.
    you have the best blog ever miz cottonsocks.

  7. LOL @ the first photo and your own commentary about perez hilton with the squiggly penis. twas slightly off but i found it funny.

    i absolutely love that photo with the sepia effect. the natural light (and of course your photography skill too) must have aided in giving your photo such a beautiful effect! (:

    i love taking photographs too but like you, i hate it when people disrespect the place that they're at and just continue to go trigger happy with their flashy snaps. grrrrr.

  8. fantastic notre dame photos.. the last time I was in paris my boyfriend and i had way too much fun taking long exposure shots at nighttime.

    your ring.. phwoar! what a beast! congratulations.

  9. I've been to Notre Dame a few times and always like the gargoyles heads and love thinking about how Old it is. I love that part of Paris. Some of the best meals of my life have been had around there. I hope you've checked out the Marais thoroughly. Your ring is v. nice can you post a picture of it on your paws? So hard to get the effect in a flower x

  10. Beautiful pictures of Notre Dame.

    Gorgeous ring babe, congratulations on the engagement!

  11. Stunning photography! And what an amazing ring - it's beautiful.

    I loved Notre Dame when I visited. My boy and I brought along some yummy French pastries for lunch and sat on a beautiful park bench, gazing at the amazingness of Notre Dame as we ate.


  12. Wow what a gorgeous ring. I must go to France!

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  14. Honey! I LOVE your blog - I've just spent like 10 minutes catching up on all your fab posts :) No doubt this will be a long, waffly comment!

    Firstly, congrats *jumps up and down!* you guys are such a cute - and stylish! - couple. And your ring is simply divine. Your boy done good, ha!

    Argh, theres too much goodness to comment on - heavenly Missoni scarfs, macaroons! Basically love it all, very jelly of your Paris trip and when I read your posts I find so many things we have in common, taste wise etc.

    My bdays are very much like yours - my guy does fun, tacky things like yours did with the balloons. I remember one year having a whole floor of them - so much fun to throw around and pop, ha!

    LOVE that you showed the church some respect! Old skool hee hee :) but seriously, some things ARE sacred.

    Enjoy being newly engaged and have a fabby weekend! <3 xxx

  15. Stunning photos! Gorgeous ring and I like how you photographed it in the rose. Love the perez thing haha!

  16. THAT is a damn nice engagement ring!

    My time in paris was years ago now, so enjoying reliving it through your posts! It's so gorgeous.. I think my next eurotrip will be in the Winter!

  17. ps. No atacoma wedges wedges in acne.. I would have loved LOVED to try them on. Pretty tempted by a couple of other styles that were there. I tried on the pistols and they were a bit clompy? Im still thinking about them tho....

  18. congrats on your engagment!!
    and the photos are so beautiful!!!

  19. Thank you everyone!
    I'm glad that so many of you agree with me about the crazy flash photography in churches. it just feels wrong.
    i love all your paris memories too.
    i never get sick of hearing about peoples trips to paris.
    keep them coming!

  20. Your ring is beautiful.. Notre Dame looks breathtaking!


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