Monday, February 1, 2010

Opera !

On the same day we went to Notre Dame, we visited the Opera during the day.
I don't know why I did the posts in the wrong order. Haha. Oh well.
This is a image heavy post. Beware!
Here I am in the lift looking like a stunned mullet. Ha!
But it's the only clear photo i have of my new wooly jumper!
How good is it? I got it from H&M in Paris. Cheap thrills! YAY
To be honest, I didn't really like anything else in H&M. The materials used looked yuck/cheap.
But I scored this jumper so I'm happy. I like the line detail and the batwing arms.
(Missoni scarf from previous post and Tiffany and Co necklace)

Anyway, back to Opera,
When i walked in D had the camera and took this photo as I was taking my jacket off.
I like it because it looks like I have a hunchback or wings. One or the other.

How amazing is this place? It was such a highlight for me. I LOVED IT.
D was not keen on going but changed his mind as soon as we got in.

I tried to cut back from the huge amount of photos I took. It was SO HARD! So many beautiful features.
I feel so blessed that I can see things in my lifetime.

haha so good.

When I move into my "grown up" house, I want to have major chandelier action.
I'm obsessed with them.
I might have them in every room.
Well I would if they weren't so crazy expensive.

So much gold !
Imagine all the hours that went into doing all of this.
Buildings are so boring these days. I want the days of over-decorating to come back!

D loved this ceiling.
I would recommend for anyone going to Paris to check this place out !
It will only take about an hour. Your neck will get sore looking at all the greatness!
It was about 8 euro for entry. I think. I'm about 50% sure on that. Ha. Don't take my word for it!

I just took a close up of my Zara Boots I bought in Paris. YAY buckletastic!!
They are so comfortable!
Seriously, ZARA PEEPS LISTEN UP! If you're not going to open here, Please let us do online shopping. kthnxbye.

D and I just rode our bikes down to the shops to get a coffee.
I fell over my bike. HAHA so funny. It was his fault. I know it.
I don't know how it is possible to fall over when I wasn't even sitting on it.
I have some nice grease action on my legs now. I feel tough!

On another irrelevant note, I love awards season!
I've been watching the Grammy's today. I wasn't digging Beyonce's dress. I think I'm the only one. I'm digging the black dress on the girl from Glee.

Have a lovely week everyone!
Mondays can be a drag.
I am going to throw a whole heap of my clothes out today. "Decluttering"
I am trying to embrace this. I am s-t-r-u-g-g-l-i-n-g.


  1. 愛,拆開來是心和受兩個字。用心去接受對方的一切,用心去愛對方的所有。.........................

  2. That looks so amazing Cotton!! I would love to go to Paris one day :)

  3. Love the opera photos. THEY ARE AMAZING.

    P.S dont throw..... charity

  4. Wow, your photos look amazing! I love your jumper, its so cute! Awwh you fell over on your bike! That's okay I don't even know how to ride a bike :) Yes, embarrassing ahaha.
    Can't wait to read more!
    Happy monday and goodluck with the decluttering :)

  5. it looks like hogwarts!!! especially the epic staircase shot.

    love it

  6. hogwarts is my dream destination!!
    complete with dumbledore and hagrid!

    btw i gave up on decluttering my wardrobe. i could only find one item to get rid off.
    i will start next on the pantry.

  7. looking at your photos just makes me want to go to Paris now so bad cos it's such a beautiful city! i think i'll go mad with my camera and just point and shoot.

    i loveeeee those boots you got. buckles are such fun aren't they!

    ps. decluttering that starts with the wardrobe is the hardest as i'm sure you've come to realise now! hahah. hope it'll go better with your next step! (:

  8. Zara?....ya better recognise!

    Grey jumper? If you ever have an irreconcilable (sp?) fight, you can come stay at my house.

    Opera house photos? AH-MAY-ZING! I'm definitely down for some chandalier action myself.

    Declutter? But what if it comes back in fashion? What if it becomes a true vintage piece? What if there's a dress-up party and that item would be perfect? Declutter? No! Bad! Get bigger house.... :-)

    Beyonces dress...too much hip action...resembled a chandelier.

    Sparkles xoxo

  9. how is the de-cluttering going?
    My turn soon!

  10. oh wait. I just realised you gave up.
    Does that mean i get to give up too?

  11. OMG those Opera photos, I die! Seriously, so amazingly gorgeous. Love your outfit too. x

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Freaking obsession with your Paris pictures! So beautiful. aaaand you look so pretty in the lift photo :)

  14. New post by Olivia.A & Mariam.B on :

    Photos in France (Bordeaux) in the wood,

    come to see that:)
    kisses from france

  15. the detailing is incredible, so beautiful i'd love to see it in real life!! x


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