Friday, February 5, 2010

Adios Paris

I can't post about Paris anymore. I've been back for too long. I'm over it.
This is me at CDG. On the travelator to the gate. BOOOO I pulled a sad face for the photo. Or maybe I had this face for the whole of the morning. Plus it was early in the morning. I cant crack a smile before noon. I miss Paris so much. Can't wait to go back!
Boooo Cryyy Hiiissss.

I'm wearing my Missoni cape/dress thing. It's supposed to be some sort of multi piece. Dress/Strapless dress/ Cape. It came with a belt but the belt was hell uggers and I threw it out.
It's the most comfortable thing ever. I love it.
My trusty MJ mouse flats. They are the most comfortable ballet flats ever!

On the way back we got the A380 again ! Yay. So good. I felt so sick though. It was horrible. I vommied. HAHAHA Did you all enjoy that overshare?
D and I decided to go cameraless in Singapore so I have no photos to share. The hotel room was really nice though. I can't be bothered posting those photos. They are boring anyway.
I really like Singapore. It's so clean and cheap and people are polite. I will go back soon.
On the airplane I did duty free shopping from the booklet.
I randomly bought these two products;

Lancome - Genifique
It is supposed to give me visibly younger skin in 7 days. But to be honest, I haven't used it 7 days in a row yet. I'm lazy. I like it though. I think i can see a difference. But maybe because I'm looking for it. It has a weird texture though.

SK-II Facial Treatment Mask.
How fun is this? I love it. Don't do it in winter. Somehow the masks are FREEZING cold when you put them on your face even though they are room temperature. You just wack the mask on for 10 mins and then rip it off and done. So easy. I love it. love love. Added bonus : you look a bit like Jason from Friday the 13th with the mask on.
Apparently the pitera ingredient in SK-II is some miracle ingredient which was discovered from the women working in sake breweries. Their hands were so youthful after years of working with this ingredient. So the story goes.... I dunno if this is true...Oh well.

I'm not into skin care. I never try skin things and just use Clinique DDML and thats it. I don't do facials or toning or eye creams or whatever.
My mum the other day told me to stop wasting money on fashion and start buying anti-aging products because " one day you will look in the mirror and see an old person staring back at you"
and that kind of freaked me out, but then I realised she meant me, not some creepy intruder.
But I figure I'll just get botox or something. I dunno. I'm too lazy to worry about the future now. Anti-aging creams are boring, just like super ann. funds? ZzzzZzzzZzzz

What do you guys do for anti-aging? Anything yet? When should I start?
I went to Mecca Cosmetica to buy anti-aging and the CHARMING sales assistant scoffed at me and said I'm too young for anti-aging and tried to force me to buy an SPF cream. ugh
Now I'm too scared to go back to the shops.

Have a lovely weekend everyoneeeeeeeee!!!
Drink/Eat/Relax/Go Crazy!!

It looks like my weekend is going to consist of atleast 3000 hours of cleaning.


  1. I keep staring in the mirror and see this little boy staring back at me. WTF...

    PETER PAN SYNDROME!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love reading your posts. They're so cheery. As for anti-aging, I started using eye cream a while ago. I can't tell the difference. Sometimes I get worried that all these things are a bit of a waste of $$$. Should probably get on the wearing sunscreen every day bandwagon too.

  3. This is too cute, love the airport photo.

    I'm thinking it's time I started using sunscreen more often and stopped relying on my 1/2 Filipino genes.

  4. Your missoni cape/dress thing is GORGEOUS! I love the colours it looks so lovely!
    Haha your blog makes me laugh - I think it's rare that you'll get elderly intruders. Not that I know the average age of intruders ahaha.
    I'd have to agree with the sales assistant - you do look too young! But maybe it's better to start early? I'm so paranoid about aging but so far the only thing I've done is wear lots of sunscreen!
    Can't wait to

  5. You are too young for anti-aging products!
    I don't see a single "definition character" line on your face. (However I personally use an eye cream - Clinique All About Eyes)

  6. Love your Missoni dress/cape thingamajig. Gorgeous pattern!

    And I dunno, some people think using anti aging stuff when you're young would help but I can't be bothered yet too. :P

    the_sugarplumfairy (from VF)

  7. LOVING your marcs.

    and your outfits!


  8. Your outfit is utterly adorable! :D With the anti-aging stuff I dont bother with fancy creams cos they are too oily for my skin anyway. The biggest deal is wearing sunscreen cos I think that makes the most difference. Apparently something like 80% of your wrinkles and AGE comes from THE SUN. And it takes 20 years for the damage to show. Scary huh!

  9. Ohh, lucky you've been in Paris. I'm going there in May! I can't wait!! I might be going earlier too if I get things organized with a photo shoot I might be doing there. Would be SO awesome. Love your outfit too, so cute!

  10. LOVE the bag, and that missoni dress is simply incredible. that'll be such a timeless piece... xx

  11. Hey, just recently found your blog via VF (well...this was a few weeks ago!) and I really enjoy it!! I love how your write, so casual and funny!!

    Anyway, really like your outfit!! And you are seriously getting me into Missoni!! I need some, I think!!! And those MJ flats are supercute!!!

    As for anti-aging, I'm a bit like you! Sunscreen's my bestfriend, but that's about it!!!

    xx Deb

  12. I love your cape/dress and your flats! Very jealous of the A380 flight, looks so huge and amazing haha
    I don't do anything about anti-ageing, which is probably a bad thing but spf is a definite must, but until I see some evidence of ageing on my face it seems like a waste of money.

  13. I'm so envious of you... I can't wait to go to Paris. I'm going this year and I'd love to hear every detail about how fabulous it is!

    You look and feel so crazy with it on huh!?

    What do you think? I was told on the vogue forums I would have baby soft beautiful skin.. but I dunno, I looked the same. I spend so much on skincare, and my skin seems to just get worse!

    My mum's been buying me a bit of Kiehls thick moisturisers... hint!? hehe.

    Your trip to Paris looks amazing, and so special. You'll have the most amazing memories for ever !!!

  15. Thanks for everyones tips on anti-ageing.
    I guess i will not start yet.
    But in a few years.
    I have SPF in my makeup and everyone says its not enough
    I might look into a face SPF.
    Its just so greasy and yucky.
    I hate greasy SPF on my face.!!

  16. KittyMeow,
    I didn't know it takes 20 years to show some of the damage of the sun! wowza!
    I try to not listen to any bad sun facts because i like to pretend its not there.
    I think i have to take it more seriously now.


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