Thursday, February 25, 2010

Siglo again. shoosh. i am not a booze hound.

I know what you're all thinking.
I don't live a this place.
It's just the best bar in Melbourne. I can't turn down an invitation to go to Siglo. Everyone who knows me, knows this.
Dry Manhattan.
Cherry is a must.
Once they put an orange twist in it. What the hell were they thinking?
I threw it across the table in true diva style. Hahaha. What a baby I am.
I am usually pretty chill, but if you make a crap cocktail then I loose my cool.
Cocktails are so stupidly priced, EVERYWHERE, so they must be made to perfection.
I had an average mint julep the other day. It made me mad.
Anyway, back on topic,
Manhattan goodness below,
Does drinking Manhattans make me butch? I think it does. I don't care. I love them too much.

Notice how crap the photos are? It's because my friend A took them. She is the worst photographer. I have asked her to take photos for my blog a few times and they have all been unusable. All out of focus. Or like, I'm not even in frame. Hahaha she will get angry when she reads this. Love you A !!! love love love *pats head* She is cute.

Anyway, look above again and notice my top. It's ALL sequins. YES. SEQUINS but MATTE sequins. Matte sequins are the best of sequins. I got this top from the mature lady section of David Jones. I love that section. D gets so annoyed when I shop there.
Whatever, the clothes are cheaper and good and no one else wears them.
WIN WIN. If this top was in the young womens fashion area it would be like three times the price. Rude.
After quite a few Manhattans, I decided to switch it up and try this supposed "drink of the gods" - an Amaretto Sour.
It came in a martini glass and that confused me, because it's not a martini.
I put my Alpha 60 pleated scarf back on to hide my armpits. Armpits remind me of something I don't want to be reminded of.

I would say the Amaretto Sour tastes like a box of Nerds in drink form. Which is good. I enjoyed it. But don't smell it. It smells like wet dog. Everyone on the table agreed.
I don't know how that happens? We had two on our table, one neat and one with ice and the one with ice smelt more like wet dog.
Weird huh?
So if you like Wonka Nerds, then you must try this drink.
I will try this drink again. It is fun and it's nice for summer time.

While I am on the topic of Siglo, I have to tell you all something.
They have the best Vegetarian Spring Rolls in the world.
This isn't an exaggeration. This is a fact.
I hate spring rolls, fried food and coriander and it's all three but I am obsessed with them.
Please everyone try them and tell me if you agree.

Okay next topic,
I am going to share with you my favourite salad. I make it a lot. It's the best.
Here is a photo I took of it so you can get the idea,

Ingredients List:

Mache Rosettes ( This is the name of the lettuce you must use. any other lettuce will destroy it)
Feta ( Dodoni only, use other feta at your own risk but make it a good creamy one )
Pomegranate (Fresh only)
Mint Leaves
Salt ( The good stuff you grind )
Olive oil ( Don't get cheap here either its the only dressing used so you will taste it)
Avocado ( Apparently they are like $4 each now so you can go without if you like)
You can also use peas if you want to make it more filling. Please no frozen peas. Only fresh. Frozen peas will ruin it. You will get what I mean when you try it)

So basically,
You just throw it all in a bowl.
Make sure when you cut the pomegranate you don't wear a white tshirt.
Pick all the weird white stuff off them too.
Make sure you wash the mint well and shred it nicely. Or you can use the whole mint leaves but make sure you take them off the stalks.
Mint is very important to the recipe. Don't leave it out. Use LOTS of mint in it.
I hope I explained this well. I don't use recipes ever, EVER so I don't know why I thought I could write one.
If you have trouble finding the lettuce, go to Coles. It is always at Coles. Haven't seen it at Safeway before... It's usually in the area where the lettuce is in a plastic wrapping on the shelves.

Best Salad Ever.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Please all tell me your favourite cocktail, or are you not a cocktail person? Sweet? Fruity? Dry?

I don't like sweet cocktails so my top picks are
- Dry Manhattan
- Grey Goose Vodka Martini ( good olive or die)
- Mint Julep

YAY. You can't go wrong with this picks, unless you don't like your booze strong, then don't try these drinks.



  1. I am a sugar demon. I love nerds. I will certainly try this Amaretto Sour.
    Also, I want your Alpha60 scarf. I have almost bought the same one about six times but I just can't justify it as I never end up wearing scarves. I always buy them but never wear them. Shame.

    I love sweet drinks and fruity drinks. Sweet fruity cocktails are the best. I drink very sweet wines too. My go-to bar drink though is a vodka sunrise. Sweet, fruity and reasonably priced. Plus, it looks like a sunrise. C'monnnn that's a sensible reason! xo

  2. No sweet cocktails for me please
    Sours are awesome but dont have too many in a row

    Dry GG Vodka Martini olive
    T 10 Gin Martini olive

    I love the salad too, with out feta.
    Its so easy to make i love it.

    I write recipes but i never use them. I get inspiration from them and thats about it

  3. Love your top! My favourite coctails are cosmos and pimms, I think that makes me an old lady :)

  4. I am an old lady and like Pimms and sprite but it has to have grapes, lemon and apple in it.

    Love the Alpha 60 scarf - I too shop in the old ladies department at David Jones! I recently bought a stripey cardigan - I thought I was the only one!! hush hush.

    And all I have to say about the salad is om nom nom nom - I too am a vegie.

  5. i had a great one at gingerboy recently with dinner, it had champagne, pineapple juice and egg white so it had a froth (i realise that description makes it sound a bit gross lol). usually i would just order a cosmopolitan or a glass of red with dinner though :)

  6. Mmm that salad looks awesome. Love the top. Nice idea buying things from the old lady section, thats actually never occurred to me before haha.

    I'm not really a cocktail person but I do love a good long island iced tea and vodka lime sodas. Yummmm. Will definitely have to try an amaretto sour though!

  7. I used to like Siglo but after going there for a friend's birthday recently we got treated quite shabbily and told we were only allowed to occupy one seating area even though we were drinking and it was very early (they'd just opened) AND there was hardly anybody else there. So we moved on to Madame Brussels. Hrmpf!

    Did have the Grapefruit Julep there though. It was okay.

  8. The Supper Club is my most favorite place to go on earth with H.

    Especially after Japanese at Shoya.

    I ADORE Amaretto Sours, but to be honest my favorite cocktails are the ones we invent at home. I like a gin base - Tanqueray only please, or a good vodka base - Grey Goose.

    Loving the salad, I do a similar one with dried cranberries, danish fetta (it's super creamy), rocket OR bebe spinach leaves (depends on my mood) and almonds.


    Try this too: Fry a little bacon, add it to diced mango, avocado, nuts of some sort and bebe spinach.

    I'm going to shut up now.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Pomegranite salad!
    My mum kept putting them in things.. but I just couldn't get into them!? I am glad to see them being used in something, rather than in a bowl as decoration.

    Siglo is good times... It's like being in Europe there. Unfortunately I am a beer drinker only (and when I say i love beer, i love it A LOT!) I think when I eventually get pregs, and quit the booze, i will actually LOSE weight! haha.

  10. are you sure youre not a booze hound? bahaha. i love the sequin top. and i am the opposite to you, i love sugary cocktails..mmm sugar! xx

  11. I love your top - amazing that you found it in the mature section of David Jones, I must give them a visit sometime.

    You sound like you really do know your cocktails - I know nothing! I hardly drink these days, usually I only like drinking anything with soho in it, or a drink called a fruit tingle. I have no idea what is in it, or what kind of drink it is, just that it tastes good LOL. I fail ahaha.

    Your scarf is so amazingly cool - I saw one really similar in Fat the other day, I wanted to buy it but then I remembered all the scarves I already own but rarely wear.

    Your salad looks YUM. Makes me crave salad now!!

  12. Good thing nobody can see my photos then ey? Since they are so crappy. Your photo bucket limit has been reached :(

  13. Good for you trying an olde amaretto sour. I am partial to martinis, both gin and vodka. With olives x

  14. No cocktails for me usually, I like my caipirinhas! But I'll mix it up next time with this Amaretto Sour, sounds yummy!

  15. YUM! you officially made me thirsty lol....

  16. I laughed so hard at your description of the wet-dog-smelling, nerd-tasting amaretto sour. I am a huge fan of mint juleps too - if you're ever down Canberra way, you must visit the Julep Lounge, they make the best juleps ever.

    And that salad looks and sounds friggin awesome! Will make this week for sure - I have a heap of pomegranetes in the fridge right now (I usually cut them up wearing nothing but a pair of knickers lol)

  17. You look beautiful. You are beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside!!

    Bring on the sweet fattening cocktails..Yay! Must try an Amaretto Sour...


  18. btw...I just read the comment you left on my blog, thankyou!
    I don't know what happened to the comment I had left you..spooky.
    You are a darling girl and I am sure that you will never become a pretentious bitch. It's not in your nature.
    I'm so happy that you and your guy have such a great business. It's so good to see good things happen to good people.

  19. Wow. It seems Pims is a favourite.
    I might give it another try. I had it once and i thought it was non alcoholic. hahah.

    Jessica Louise,

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience at siglo :(
    that sucks!!!


    I will try your salad idea but i dont eat bacon so i might use fakon!

  20. I wish you had not mentioned the mature lady section of DJs- it was my secret! Now all whippersnappers will be there looting the Good Gear.


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