Thursday, February 18, 2010

Valentine's Night

After the movie D told me we were checking into a hotel and going to dinner.
I hate suprises. I like be prepared for everything.
But these were nice and I didn't suffer an anxiety attack. Thanks D <3
We checked into Crown Towers and when we got to the room D had organised for a box of 12 long stem red roses to be there and the bed was covered in rose petals. cheese to the max!!!
I gave him shit for not doing it in paris because it's soooo cheese to do it on an engagement night. I think that's where he got the idea from. HAHA so funny. I've never had rose petals scattered before. awwww.
BTW the petals were fake. Apparently its the hotels policy to not have real ones because it stains the bed sheets. I say Napisan.
Sooo no photos of all of that jazz because its a bit of an over share.
Here is a photo of the view from the room though.
Do you like how I included the side of the wall too? I thought so.

Anyways, I didn't really prepare for my hair to be taken to Vue De Monde, as you can see below.
This photo makes me look like such a douche but it was the only one I had which showed some food. I thought it would be nice to see what we ate there in case you guys are planning to go.
The dish below is "Risotto Aux Truffes" or as I like to say mushroom risotto. ha.
They grated the truffle on the spot and I told them to stop right there. I'm not into truffles but I really liked this dish. Two thumbs up.

I am wearing a top by Elizabeth & James. Olsen twin steezy.
Euughh I can't stop staring at how flat my hair is in that photo. I hate posting it. Boiusdghl with hair, I believe bigger is better.
Moving on,
Look at my bling.
It's from sportsgirl. I love it. It says " BAM"
Don't snigger at my old maids hands. I need get on them asap.
I worked in a nursing home for 2 years and it ruined my hands.

Please note the best dessert ever.
A chocolate cigar that came with a coal that was burning to emulate burning cigar.
D told me to pose like an old school gangsta
I couldn't stop laughing. Then I smashed it down like I hadn't just had 6 courses. heeee.

Here is the the petit fours which the waitress said she likes to call petit fives. HA. She was a comedian. While I remember, the staff there were so good. All of them. Amazing.

This was the best one. Some sort of lychee thing.
Can you tell we were drunk at this point?
I didn't take any proper photos of food because I find it embarrassing to take photos in a restaurant. We had the matching wines to food degustation so by dessert number THREE i was pretty smashy. 10 courses of wine tasting is not my best friend. But it was SO GOOD.

My nail polish is OPI Red My Fortune Cookie from the Hong Kong collection.

Upon leaving they gave us breakfast for the next day. Interesting. Nice.
Here is a little snapshot.
Not pictured is the recipes for the breakfast, mint seeds they want me to plant and grow and the tea leaves for breakfast.
I'm not going to grow the mint. I have a hard enough time trying to keep my succulents alive.
I love how the give you a menu to take home of what you ate and drank that night.
I am going to go to Dan Murphys and buy some of the wines we had.
Soooooo good.
The whole Vue De Monde experience was ( as FF would say ) 11/10.
Oh and in that photo it says they are Green Eggs. I don't eat eggs. I have no idea what that means. Is that even a thing? I thought Dr. Suess made it up. Am I stupid here or what?

Anyway, back to Crown. I lost cash gambling. Boo Hiss. It was fun but I got bored quickly so we went back to the room. Here is the fancy Chinese New Year display in the atrium.

And the dragon. Happy New Year to all !!

D was going to take a photo in the lobby for my blog. I fell asleep waiting for him to sort it out. He is the most painful photographer. It takes him about 30 mins to turn the camera on.
I'm wearing my "comfy" heels. They are from Country Road. I love them. They are "pony hair" Imagine if it was real pony hair. Gross. Who would want that?

YAY Success with the camera. But I'm over it and can only force a fake smile.
I wish I had that floral display in my place. I love it.

And that is all I can be bothered to do!
This was a huge post and I am pooped.
So I'm sure you are pooped reading it.

Till next time,
Adios Muchacos!


  1. ahhhhh hahahaha ahhhhhhh ahha ahh ah.....

    Ok ok no teasing, hahahahahahahaha OMG this blog was so funny. Sitting in a shitty hotel room now, wishing I was home in melbs at the Crown instead. FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN.

    Vu De Monde 1000000/10 wooooooo hooooooooo!!!!!

  2. This post made me laugh. Your writing is pretty funny & cute. Love the CR pony hair heels. Wish I had bought them at the time! Shopping regret. And no, the Yoyo's are NOT comfy. They are pretty horrible in the 10cm. My 8cm ones are better, but not by much. Other Louboutins seem to feel okay though! x

  3. What an amazing Valentine's Day, looks like you had a wonderful time.

    I've only done 8 courses at VDM, I can't imagine 10 courses plus matching wine...don't think I would have coped. I love the truffle risotto.

    Does green eggs just mean free range? I've never worked it out.


  4. Oh my god that restaurant looks like it is to die for!!!!
    I loved that dragon at Crown casino... very cool dude.
    What a lovely night. JEAAALLOUUSSS

  5. I've stayed at the Crown a few times for work their displays! Love that hotel! Hate that took my $50! Bastard.

    Great post! Even with flat hair...jokes. Glad you had a wicked/cheesy V-Day.

  6. Next time in melb I am soooo vue de monde-ing thanks to this...take home breakfast the next day too!!!!

    Lovelovelove your top gorgeous...

  7. Come on! Show the roses and faux petals on the bed, the cheese is the good stuff!!!

    Looks like you had a great night, and you looked gorgeous!

  8. Ok, enough of my Anti-Valentines BS, I want to step back in time and step in to your fake pony hair heels. I am so emailing this link to Mr. Flit About and tell him to schedule an impromptu VDay ASAP.
    As for hair (not the fake pony kind) lately I've seen ads on TV for something called Bumpits(?). Seriously, you can get an American Southern States Volume 'Do in no time. (= You would look ridiculous 24/7, but hey, you will have volume...)
    Love your funny posts!

  9. Jenny - Thanks for the tip on the Yoyos! Its hard to order loubs on the net without trying them on!

    nebellefille - we ate the vegetarian degustation so imagine the normal one would be much more filling! i actually left and was still kind of hungry! heheh

    Fleur - do try vue de monde if you get a chance! i think its something you wont regret. i wish it was cheaper so i could go every week!

    Aspiring Domestic Goddess - haha D asked why i didn't post it and i thought it was kind of weird to show the bed etc. hahah. like a bit romance novel wrong. hahah

    Flit about - Bump Its are so funny. I could be like Snooki from Jersey Shore.
    I refuse to have a fake bump though. I just didnt have time to do a blow wave that day.
    I so know if i rocked a bumpit it'd fall out within 5 mins in the most embarassing scenario possible.
    However, Texas hair 24/7 is rather tempting.

  10. Hi Cotton Socks:)
    Wonderful blog you have, and now i am a follower:)

    Have an amazing day,sp

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. ahaha you are hilarious girl :) i have never had a meal with THAT many courses but oh gosh now i want to! love your cardigan btw and looks like you had a helluvah valentine's day

  13. amazing pics
    your blog is great!

  14. WOW.. vue looks amazing! I went to the opening of Vue at Heidi and we got the most adorable little picnic platters!

    I'm glad to see this esp as i need some advice...I contacted them about doing a wedding lunch, but the funtions menu they sent was so OTT I am not sure about it.

    The dishes sounded a bit wanky- GREAT for us to go and have a romantic dinner, and I love all that stuff, but in terms of broad appeal, and having a couple of younger ones there... what do u think? Is it a bit too shmick?

  15. WOW.. vue looks amazing! I went to the opening of Vue at Heidi and we got the most adorable little picnic platters!

    I'm glad to see this esp as i need some advice...I contacted them about doing a wedding lunch, but the funtions menu they sent was so OTT I am not sure about it.

    The dishes sounded a bit wanky- GREAT for us to go and have a romantic dinner, and I love all that stuff, but in terms of broad appeal, and having a couple of younger ones there... what do u think? Is it a bit too shmick?

  16. I've also got Lakehouse, Cutler + Co, and Taxi on the list.. Cumulus do things in the art gallery next door which i love the idea of too...

  17. wow congrats! youve got a good one. oh and even though you don't, I adore your hair - such a great colour, the style really suits you too.


  18. This indeed was 11/10.

    Must get my mitts on some OPI Honkers colours since Honkers sometimes is my Spiritual Home.

  19. all the food looks soooo goooooddd! if only i could reach into my laptop and grab them for myself. glad you had a fun time!

    love your top and heels girl! looking great (:

  20. Hi:)
    Looks like you had an amazing time:)
    Thanks for a lovely comment:)


  21. Wow at your top and ring! I love all the little nibble pictures...just make me hungry!

    Looks like you had a fun time!

  22. I've had that chocolate cigar at Vue too, so fun...I think it had actual edible gold leaf or something on it didn't it?! Crazy.
    We used to go heaps but last time we had such a bad experience we haven't gone back.
    Sad, huh?
    But when paying $800-$1000 for a dinner for 2, I'm not being a customer from hell but I do expect perfection!

    Boo, 'cos your photos make me miss it. I'm just too stingy to shell out in case it's not so good.
    Myabe you'll inspire me to try again :)

    Love the piccies you took of crown. I didn't take too many, too busy being a greedy thing eating, shopping and looking scary champagned out and hiding behind sunnies!
    I must have looked so dodge - sunnies in crown in the middle of the day! Noice.

    So glad you had the loveliest VD. Kudos to you and your boy for knowing how to live! ;)

    And I'll say it again - I LOVE your blog!

    <3 xxx


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