Thursday, January 14, 2010

Galaries Lafayette

Anyone who goes to Paris MUST go to Galaries Lafayette. Because I said so.
Ha. No because its pretty and has this amazing roof top terrace with views all over paris. If its a good clear day you'd get amazing photos!! ( and entrance is FREE!)

Views of the Eiffel Tower,
(you can just see the displeasure in my face. i love taking photos. hate being in them.)

Views of the top of the Opera house...
I have lots of wide angel photos too..but i wont bore you with them. Hopefully you all can go see for yourselves one day!! I believe our government should subsidise our flights to europe. Not our fault we were born so far away. why should we be robbed of culture? ok this idea just came to me so ill have to think it through. but it sounds like im onto something.

Inside with xmas decorations. PINK theme this year....

How amazing is the roof? Im not into stainglass but when its this huge and domey i can make an exception.

Lining up to get into Chanel. Lame.
but i wanted to goooo!! I found a cute bracelet there last time i went to paris and wanted to go in for memories sake. its just a tiny little one...there was nothing good.

look how frizz my hair is with the downlights on it.
i need to get a treatment asap. maybe i can try that bull semen one thats all the rage with the british glamour girls.

Back to Galaries Lafayette.
I bought nothing. Okay, I bought a paris xmas tree ornament , but basically, nothing.
oh wait, on the top floor there is a cheap ( for paris) cafe where u can eat inside while looking at the views)
but anyways, back to my point.
i find the place too crowded with tourists to do any real shopping.
Printemps or Le Bon Marche is better for real shopping and basically has the same shiz.
The bottom floor of GL is the shoe level. Yes a whole level to shoes. AND I GOT NOTHING.
and i lowered my standards.
Perhaps all the good shiz went before xmas. Thats what i like to think. the time between xmas and NYE isnt the best for shopping... especially because there were NO SALES in paris.
BOOO!! sales started on the 7th of jan or something stupid like that.
assholes. its like they knew when i was leaving and decided to plan around that.
yes. yes thats right.

Sportsgirl Jacket
Topshop skirt
LV scarf
Chanel bag
Rayban sunnies

P.P.S Hello and THANK YOU to all my new readers! I'm so shocked and humbled by all your kind comments. You are all the bees knees!!


  1. Whoa....I love all the photos but especially the one with the pink Xmas tree!!

  2. Amazing!!!!!

    Will be welcome! My country is pretty much the same, the climate is warm and contagious!

    Thank you and thank you for your visit!!!


  3. That place looks like heaven! Thanks for the gorgeous photos :)

  4. It was a shock to me that you didnt buy anything there. You made up for it at Hermes hehehe. OH!!! and did I mention in Chanel at Printemps. Guess we will leave that one for another post.

  5. great pictures :) lmao Bull semen hair treatment - what next? lol

  6. I'll back you on the free trips to Europe proposal. Wish those tectonic plates would hurry up and move us closer towards the new Gondwana! LOL.

    Jealous of you getting to go to Paris! ;-)

    (ps, my word verification today spells "genuarse" LOL omg!!)

  7. those christmas decorations shit all over the ones at myers in melbourne...

  8. Love the photos! Galaries Lafayette is amazing. The terrace was closed when I went there which was disappointing, the view looks awesome!

  9. I LOVE Galleries Lafayette these are great photos x

  10. Hey there
    I saw your blog link on Vogue (I am Sqoggle) and thought I'd check it out.
    I love your photos and the clothes you wear are stunning.
    Looking forward to reading more


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