Sunday, January 24, 2010

Printemps shopping wooooo!

D forced me to go to Printemps. FORCED ME. because the concierge gave him a "discount card" that gave us 10% off all the stuff there.
UM yeah, its called Tax Back and everyone gets that "discount"
bless his heart.
He means well.
We got there early and had a sort of brunch/lunch thing at the restaurant on the top floor.
Wow how pretty is it? the chairs were Starck Ghost Chairs.
MY FUTURE CHAIRS. yes im yelling. im excited about them. ohhh they are the best chairs.

xmas tree goodness

stain glass goodness.

a close up...they could probably do with a wash but it does rain everyday....ill let it slide..

Here is ME. I look a bit dopey in this photo. You can see the senior gentleman in the bottom right corner thinks im batshit crazy. i love the expression on his face.
i hope when i am his age i still go to lunch.

I'm wearing a Karen Walker dress. I love this dress. It's HUGE. I wish it wasn't as oversized but i got the smallest size it was made in and its still massive.
i just love the spiderweb print.

After walking around for ages and finding nothing I wanted. ( i swear all the good shiz goes before xmas) I saw something I loved ( for years)....but needed to think it through...
so D and I went to Laduree for afternoon tea. We had some macaroons too. You cant go to Laduree without trying them!!
Flavours - Pistachio, Red Fruits, Licorice, Blackcurrant.

This trip in Paris meant a lot to us, and apart from all the photos and tourist moments, we had so many amazing moments and conversations that will never be forgotten. I wanted to get something that wasn't going to end up in the salvos a year later...and something that i'd use that everytime i look at it i smile and remember our secret times together...
so with a lot of thought i bought ... .... ...

Voila !
Chanel J12 38mm with Diamond Bezel
For some reason i photographed it like im selling it on ebay or something. i have no idea why i did that.
maybe i was losing my mind with excitement? I hope no creep face steals my pic to use on ebay. if i wasn't lazy i would watermark it.

it sparkles so much in real life but i find it hard to capture on camera...
I took a close up photo back in melbourne.

I've become so dependent on it. I was always on of those " why have a watch when i have a phone" type people. I find myself checking the time so often and it really is easier than pulling the phone out.
plus its black. and black warms my heart.
i considered getting a rolex etc looking at heaps ....but none of them felt "me" especially not now. I LOVE YOU WATCHY lskdjflskdjflskdjf poor than D. HHHAHAHH just kidding.
I told him to get one but he is obsessed with his current watch and didn't want a bar of it.
i did catch him trying on my watch and trying to be gangsta with his "bling"
hahahah AHHAHA
how embarassing.
i bet he will ask me to delete that.

How is everyones Australia day weekends going? watching the tennis? i tried to last night. It's hard to keep focused when laptop and magazines are lying around.
Im not sure what i will do tomorrow to celebrate. something aussie.
even if its having a Coopers Pale Ale.
i will do it for my country!!!


  1. Ahhh cotton that is such a beautiful watch! Lucky girl :)

    I hope you have a good Australia Day!

  2. That watch is sooo pretty and sparkly. I too was in the "don't need a watch when you got a phone" camp UNTIL I actually got a watch too.
    We got one free at work when we won some comp - its nothing too flash but its nice to wear to work.
    Now I want a sparkly one too...I saw one of those white Dior ones the other day on a chick and I thought they were nice until I told my boyfriend and he said it looked cheap. Oh no! And he's a bit of a watch conneisseur (how the hell do you spell that?)....Now I see your Chanel and I really want one of those instead! :-D

  3. Love the Ebay pictures... I bet you stole them,,,,,, hahahah

    Ok so you didn't. I'd love to see your arm come up on ebay and then i could yell at the sellar!!! i'm really hoping this happens so i can crack. i feel like this is needs to happen now.. too much anticipation eeeeeep.

    love the watch too.

    I Heart PS Ghost chairs too

  4. kittymeow,

    i think some of the "time piece" collectors dont think fondly of the dior/chanel watches.
    its more of a fashion watch i'd say.
    im not a watch snob.
    i love all watches! i want to get me a swatch watch.


    i did steal them from ebay!!
    HAHAHHahahahhaa. as if. i should probably watermark it. or delete it. im lazy. on the up side i can use these photos for insurance? TWO BIRDS!
    you better be coming out tonight ! i think its sold out but if it is we can still go to the same bar as friday! YES? i will smash the salad and lychee mins!!
    i might call u after u finish work. adios muchacho.

  5. Im an original G....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................(G stands for Goof) hahahahahaha. So many memories.

    Yes its true I am obsessed with my watch!! Not because its, shiny or expensive or even cool, but because my DAD gave it to me after he got it as a gift from his company after many years of hard work.

    So its kinda more sentimental. YUP. Also it is fun to play Ganster rapper with your watch becuase its bling bling baby.


  6. Beautiful watch!

    I had afternoon tea at that very same Printemps (except I got a bit over-excited and ordered a truffle omelette, frites and six macaroons).


    I am freaking out for you!? Woah! That is my dream to go buy a Chanel j12!!!!

    Lucky lucky thing!!! *jel to the max* !

  8. You were FORCED to go to Printemps? Life's tough - just deal with it.

    ps: Love the pics of the stained glass dome - so gorgeous.

    pps: I'll let you borrow my J12 for one more week.

  9. You look amazing! I love your dress - even though it's too big we can't even tell, you look lovely!

    I've always been one of those people who haven't gotten a watch simply because they have a mobile phone, but your watch is so beautiful, you've inspired me to get a nice one!

    Hope you're still enjoying your time overseas!!


  10. oh lucky... ive been eyeing the white version for a while:)

  11. oh i love that old man's expression. it's hilarious! that dress looks gorgeous on you even though it's oversized. (:

    and, THE BEST 'souvenir' to get from Paris. seriously.

    i've not been back to Singapore for a year and there's that HUGE ASS mall (which looks superb) that i couldn't even recognise in your photo! hope you had a great time there.

    ps. love your blog. you're so entertaining to read! i'm a follower now (:

  12. That watch is gorgeous! Congrats on your purchase, watch is a million times better than a phone!
    Loved those pictures of the stained glass, its such a beautiful ceiling!

  13. Gorgeous watch! Paris looks so fun!

  14. Soooooooooo jealouso right now, of this entire post, Notre Dame, Champs Elysees, Printemps, CHANEL!!!!, macarons!!!
    Can we swap lives please? K, thanks.

  15. It's too easy to steal the reserved signs, I highly recommend it!!

    I missed Dead Prez too, but Jean Grae is out in April if you like her!!

    Thank you for your comment lady

  16. STUNNING photos!

    And OMGosh! SO SO jealous!


    the J12! Congrats! ;)

  17. I can't believe.Is sparkly and I still like it.Is stylish. :)


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