Wednesday, July 25, 2012

mexican din din

Ages ago I had some people over for some take away din dins.
My cousins helped me do an impromptu mexican decorated dining setting.
It was deliciousness. I love mexican food 4 eVa.

Recreating the opening scene to Bev Hills 90210

Hemmingway Daiquiris

I got these cool lil flower lights from Type for like $10.
Tacky cute.

Popsy the caboodle made an appearance.

In other news, Blogger seems to hate me. It keeps offing up my format and text and photos and shit is all over the shop. It's made me want to quite because it takes FOREVER to do a lil bloggy blog.
Does this happen to anyone else?
What I do wrong?

I have a lil afternoon delight for you guys, a lil picture of this fabulous outfit at comicon on Adrienne Curry. What does she do? Nothing? Thought so.



  1. That link? Oh dear lord.

    Blogger didn't let me post on Monday but it's been okay since then? I have a few things in place to deal with formatting though (like restricting the width of my photos) so that probably helps.

  2. Dear R

    I too love Mexican. Not long to the big day. I always think it is all about the bride and her mum. Hope you have a beautiful day. I hate and loathe blogger and it hates me right back x

  3. OMG my eyes! Yeah I have the same Blogger issues too and it sucks.


  4. popsy, baaaaby!
    that night was super fun.
    you throw the best parties!! detail is everything.
    if mph has hemingways as you allege, we ought to go there before dinner this weekend for a tipple.

  5. You have quite the knack for decorating! Looks amazing. That dog is exceptionally cute!

  6. Ooooh I did a Mexican dinner for husbands bday a couple of weeks back.. I did last min decorations with colored paper, cactii, hats etc. nothing more fun than a mex feast!!


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