Thursday, August 23, 2012

wedding shoos

Givenchy Vittorias.

no stilettos heel sinking in the grass for me.....

nail polish was Chanel Orange Fizz and Miami Peach


  1. You're dress! Wow. I can't wait to see a full shot.

    Congratulations :)

  2. Dear Blossom,

    love the shoes, what polish? Looks like OPI hot and spicy or Chanel orange fizz.

    Meanwhile keep these snaps coming. Want to see what everyone wore etc.

    were you married on my birthday? if so how utterly wonderful.

    So happy for you x

  3. So many teasers - I want to see more! Lovely details so far. Congratulations.

  4. MORE PICS!!! Congratulations again =)

  5. Greatest wedding shoes of all time. OF ALL TIME!!!!

  6. Cotton Socks!
    You looked beautiful.. it all looks so amazing! ...meanwhile there is nothing I love more than a stunning shoe and yours are gorgeous!!!... You and mezzy take the cake in this department!

  7. damn it cotton socks... i keep trying to comment and something stuffs up on my end! so sorry if i have repeated myself a hundred times... BUT wanted to say you look stunning, wedding destination amazing and I LOVE THE SHOES!

  8. Yay! Theyre beyond amazing. Congrats on the nuptials! xxx

  9. Oh my god!! Dream shoes!

    Looks like you had the wedding Of the century.

    A million congrats! Can't wait to see more pics.

    Do you feel happy it's all done or craving some planning?

  10. Oh my gosh, I've just logged into blogger. Your feet look amazing! Can't wait to see more pics, it looks like such a beautiful dress :))

  11. Ohhh I LOVE these shoes. Wish I wore them on my wedding day too. Where did u get them?


  12. I NEED THESE SHOES FOR MY WEDDING! I cannot find them anywhere. Please let me know if you would be willing to sell them if they are the right size.

    -ps ur dress is stunning


  13. Hi Annie,
    Sorry I don't want to sell them. I wear them often.
    I had a look around on the net to see if i could find you a pair but i had no luck.
    hopefully something will pop up
    good luck
    thanks for your comment xoxo


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