Wednesday, September 12, 2012

welcome drinks

We had welcome drinks on the first night in BALI and I feel sad looking at these photos.
I miss BALI
Maybe because its still cold here in melby.
Plus there isn't a mojito in my hand 24/7 here.

I wore this Marena Y Sol kaftan and felt like a Kardashian in Dubai.
A low budget one.

Oh yeah, that is D looking like a knob head "photo bombing" us.

Need to find someone who can photoshop.


  1. you know my thoughts on a caftan- am a Hardcore Fan. How pretty you look.

    Don't forget to tell us all about your wedding dress.

    Still thinking about your wedding shoes. xxx

  2. D gets snaps for flawless integration... and look at that toofy grin!
    wah wah wah. so want to be back in bali.

  3. I just said to FF how beautiful and glowing you look. your skin is flawless. What a wonderful start to your wedding celebration!
    Kate Bx

  4. All of you look fantastic. Love D's photo bombing techniques - he slipped in well!

    Um - I am totally googling your Kaftan - I want Kaftans! I don't have enough!!

    Your Pins also look great. I am a sleaze.

    - KK

  5. It looks like you've photoshopped him INTO the photo

    I think it's hilarious

  6. Um.. I've been spelling Caftans with a K for all these years.. I'm not observant at the best of times :|

  7. I want to see!!!!! Love that kaf xxx

  8. that caftan is amazing. The colour really pops. i want one.

  9. I lol-ed when you said you felt like a Kardashian in Dubai. you look gorgeous in that kaftan (I want one now!)

  10. People keep commenting on how glowing you look. It must be because you are PREGNANT.

    *sits back and waits*


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