Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hello. Meet Axl !!

Meet Axl.
D decided he needed another penis in the house so he bought Axl.
A boy dog. With a boy penis. Ew.
But I love him.
He fits in perfectly.
Taco and Axl are friends.
Thank god I haven't seen Axl's lipstick yet. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

My new perfume.
It smells like grass.
It's weird but good.
It changes after a few minutes and becomes sweeter.
Give it a go!

I got this random gift set from Sass & Bide.
I haven't tried La Mer before.
Have any of you guys tried it?
Please share experiences!
I will try them when I get back from Bali.
The Creme De La Mer smells like Nivea Creme.
I'm excited to try the serum!

I am addicted to Beverly Hills 90210.
I just got season 3 tonight! Cant wait to find out what happens.
I got a $122 parking ticket to get it so it better be good!!!

Oh Dylan. You're such a dream boat.
Will you stop your bad boy ways and get back with Brenda?
Will Donna and David be lovers forever?

I love Wagamamas
I always get the spicy yasai itame!

I also love the sweet potato kusabi!
So yummy.

I have always hated croissants. Recently I tried an almond croissants and now I'm a big fan.
I dont think I could ever do a plain or chocolate one though.
It's all about the almond greatness in the middle.
MMmmmmmm arsenicy.

Because of too many treats I now have to do this..
Urban Remedy Juice cleanse.
I start tomorrow.
I'm already starving.
This time it has a soup.
I hate soups. I wish it was an option.
I might just drink it cold and see what happens.

I recently met some lovely blog peeps !!
I had a great night!!
Holly from Holly Pop blogged about it
Check it out here!!


  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH 'lipstick' oh my god. I hope you dont see it either. *shudder*

    He is adorable though!

    I cannot believe you cant do chocolate croissants!!!! Have you tried them heated up? I feel like I've died and gone to heaven when I eat them! I must agree though, almond croissants are probably second on the croissant awesomeness list. Mmmm.

  2. Axl is sooo cute :) Hahahaa at his lipstick!!!

    I wanna do the Urban Remedy Cleanse again too, but god I missed eating last time I did it. I wasn't that hungry, I just wanted to eat!!! Good luck with it :)

  3. Axl is cute, I'm glad he and Taco are friends. I hate it when my puppy Spencer's lipstick shows.. Ewww!
    OMG Wagamamas!! I haven't had it in ages, I alwasy get number 45 - thai style stir fried noodles.

  4. Awwww Axl!!! What a darling!!

    I've never seen my Dog Dino's lipstick-- thank the Lordy! Hahaha.

    Good luck with the detox :)

  5. you are hilarious. Love it

  6. U're going to Bali again!!? What a treat that is =D Axl is adorable, makes me want to get another boy dog to keep my one girl at home company. Others get clucky for a baby..I just want dogs!

  7. Axl is too cute! I wish I was in Bali right now :( hate winter/not being on holiday.

  8. Hahaha, hilarious! Axl's lipstick!! Love it. I love diptyque too, I wear L'Ombre Dans L'eau, the boyf calls it 'Dick tease', haha xxx

  9. OMG

    I just woke up from a dream about Beverly Hills 90210 and I'm pretty sure it's because you've been yibbiding on about it.

    Please don't ever discuss Axl's lipstick again... I now have v v fresh visuals. vom. hahaahahahahaaaa

  10. Axl is quite awesome, lipstick and all. We just got a new cat, but had his lipstick removed prior to taking possession.

    Almond croissants are the most sinful thing in the world. I once saw a cooking show where they were being made. It's basically butter, mashed into some butter, plus some more butter, and then almond extract. Brilliant stuff.

  11. Hello. Creme de la mer, according to My Man Godfrey (Dermatologist to the Stars) is essentially petroleum jelly. Trye story. But what the hell, embrace it anyway.

    I like those things at Wagamamas too.

    When I had the baby we became a 2 penis household and we haven't looked back. I am sure that you Axel, Taco and D will be very happy.

    What's that fetching polish?

  12. Hi Girl.
    Greetings from Norway...
    Good to have you back in blogging land:)

    Have a great weekend.

  13. Axl is a cutie!! All those food pics are also making me drroool~

  14. Um, cutest dog in the world?! Haha, this post is fabulous! It makes me want to dive into bed with the O.C and all that yummy food you have laid out.
    Love, Love, Love. I'm following! Would you follow me?
    xx, Maria

  15. hahahhahaha at "lipstick" reference. I like you're blog, you've got a great sense of humour. Love that perfume! x


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