Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bali pizzas

K and I went shopping in Seminyak one day.
Then went to Kudeta for pizzas for lunchhhhyyyyy.
The boys were out golfing.
I'd much prefer shopping and mojitos.

I had this delicious pizza,
The yellow stuff was supposed to be pear. Is pear this colour in asia?
Some sort of asian pear?
I dunno.
It didn't taste like a pear. It was nice but not like pearish.
It was more squishy.
Maybe it was POACHED?

K had this delicious pizza,

I think she approves?

She is wearing:
Ray Ban sunnies
Hermes bangle
and I think the tee might of been from Miss Shop.
Nail polish was OPI but I cant remember which shade of orange.

She's so hilarious. She kept pulling out the strings from the inside of her top ( you know the ones to hook on the hanger?) and yelling "GYPSY BRIDE"
We took a photo of the Gypsy Bride look. Hopefully I can eventually get a copy.

There was a massive sumo which I enjoyed.

Here I am casually leaning against a gong.
You know.
Nothing unusual.
Awkward lean blog??!!

Sportsgirl skirt
S&B singlet
Chanel sunnies & watch
Sam Eldeman sandals
Lovisa necklace

I miss bali.
Hopefully the warm weather this weekend will cheer me up.


  1. ku de ta!!!!
    jus and i sat RIGHT THERE. after dinner and whilst waiting for a lounge to open up! i didnt know how to use my camera and poor pictures ensued!
    i want to go baaaack.
    i want to be warm and well fed and sipping nice drinks and having good service experiences. is that not too much to ask?
    looking good gorgeous. 'syyyyyyted for our booze date!

  2. 1) I want that necklace.
    2) Pizza looks the bomb
    3) I don't know really...


    Kiss Kiss

  3. I do NOT like that I put a full stop after one of my dot points. My English teacher would kill me.

  4. Bali is next on my list.. I have never been, but everyone is going lately I am definitely missing out!

    Wedding Dresses are impossible... I went through FOUR before deciding on an Alannah Hill dress I bought flippantly the week we got engaged... I look at the options now and think I should have wore a French broderie anglaise Collette Dinnigan I'd bought. I thought it was too "booby" and too "white" at the time.

    It's so hard.. I never fell in love with anything - our engagement was just a few months, cause we've been together almost ten years.

    Worth a look though, I pass Jane Hill all the time.. those dresses are Gorgeous! Also, I drove past a shop in Punt Rd with stunning dresses in the window on the weekend, right near Wesley.


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