Monday, January 5, 2009

Dentist Hell

For the last week ive had the worst tooth ache. but ive been a mega woosey and not done anything about it.
on friday i made a booking for my dentist and today is d day.
i am petrified.
but the pain is so bad now that nothing can be worse.
im scared they are going to cut my tongue off. last time i cried because i thought she was going to cut my tongue off. i think the dentist is up there in my top 5 fears.!!!

so anyways, if you dont hear from me every again, its because i died at the dentist.
it was nice knowing you all

ooh and maybe ill post about my xmas loot soon too !
if i can remember to take piccas of them

1 comment:

  1. it's nice to see you blogging again too :)

    I concur on the dentist phobia thing.. I.AM.PETRIFIED.

    those jokes were so bad! thanks for sharing! some of mine were quotes. and not even funny or inspirational ones, they didn't make sense!


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