Saturday, January 31, 2009


So all this heat and craziness of late has given me no time to blog but i am going to put some effort in as soon as CS goes back to WA! I promise.

This week IglooZooakaPinkberry has been my friend!!!

For those of you who dont know what it is i have PICS!

basically, IglooZoo is a concept ripped off PinkBerry from the states via Korea which was probably ripped off something else as well.

Here is the original PinkBerry from LA. Basically you chose 1 flavour of FroYo (original, pomegranate, green tea) and then three toppings !
Below is a photo of my friend Alicia's Pinkberry from when she went to LA.
I believe she chose coffee flavoure froyo ( only available in the US)
and it seems she has coconut shavings and some sort of brown poo like topping. HA!

The thing about Igloozoo is that the toppings change everyday. I have my favourites but i never seem to get them all at the same time
my top topping picks are
-pomegranate seeds
-choc coffee beans

The options and combos are endless! they are heaps of other toppings as well ( kiwi, mango, cookie, halva, muesli, plum compote, marshmellows, pistachios and the list goes on )

Here is a pic of one of my igloozoos recently. mango, strawberry, nectarine. i dont rate mango. tastes like soap. but i tried it atleast.

One thing you must know!
there is a horrible impostor out there! It goes by the name of "berrybliss"
it tastes foul. they try to lure you in with MnM toppings and a mango flavour but dont be fooled. their yoghurt tastes like the lemon thing i put in the dishwasher to make it smell decent.
no berrybliss!!!

So if there is anyone who is reading this who hasnt tried IglooZoo you must go today!
but be careful because this shit is addictive like crack!!!!!!!!

stores are in 
Malvern, VIC
Bondi , NSW
Potts Point, NSW
Surfers, QLD

go to
for exact addressed.
i want one now
and if you really want to waste time go to the american pinkberry website and listen to the addictive jingle that gets in your head for like 3 months.


  1. Oooh I have seen these in Bondi and put it on my to do list for my holidays. I thought it was an icecream place so put it on the back burner as it wouldn't aid my weightloss at all.

    But yoghurt? That's healthy, right? :P

    Must go there TODAY! It's the last day of my holidays, it's the right thing to do.


    So, say no to mango? I hate mango anyway, no problem. Will let you know how I go.

    So (obviously) excited!

  2. It was oreo cookies!!!
    i need cold rock. pink berry no longer agrees with me :( maybe one day in the future when i don't get a skin rash from eating dairy.

  3. chantelle u mussssssst try!
    according to the website its roughly 1-2g of fat per serve but about 200-300cal.
    so that is pretty good for a dessert, but once u taste it there must be something not healthy in there because it tastes so good!!!!


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