Thursday, January 8, 2009


Trashy ! okay not me ! the bag being me ! hahaha this is my first atempt at trying to do an outfit post and i couldn't find my digicam anywhere! so i used photobooth on my mac and it was really hard! especially because i couldn't open the curtains to get some light in!

So I feel really weird posting outfit ideas. but i feel it is unfair for me to stalk a million fashion blogs without giving something back. and hopefully this will be a journey for me as well.
to add more colour into my 95% ok make that 99% black wardrobe.

Today it was cold in Melbourne. COLD ! 19 ! ok not so bad. but ill use any excuse to wear black opaques.

Black JayJays cardigan ( xmas present from my mum in 07! )
Sass&Bide "Note To Self" top
Black Kookai dress underneath
Black opaques
Christian Louboutin C'est Moi booties

Jewelery : ( which u can hardly see. i suck at the pics really!)
Blue and black Hermes Click H
Tiffany&Co balls necklace
WhiteGold bangle my parents got made for me when we were in Vietnam in 2001 !
I am wearing rings too but u cant see them so no point listing them!

Here is a close up of my booties because they look black in the pic up top, but they are infact blue. They were an xmas present from CouchShopper.
Thank u my sweetie. xoxo

My blue suede shoes . everytime i see them i MUST sing elvis in my head.

And on the nails,
OPI "Do you lilac it?" polish

and that is that.
the anxiety of the outfit post is over.
its out there for the world to see my chubba body. and 2009 i will lose some lbs!

in the last three days i have eaten well AND exercised.
lets see how long this will stick shall we?!

i need to stop being so pessimistic.
maybe in 2009 i will be more optimistic and happier ! even if it makes me unhappy!

oh and before i forget, i will add what fragrance i was wearing so you can REALLY be there HA!
well no this is just an attempt to tell you all how much i love my new perfume!
Its called Bronze Goddess (LAME) and its from Estee Lauder ( i must be 25 heading on 50)
but it smells like vanilla and coconuts and its the bomb.
its so good im scared randoms might lick me if i walk past them.

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