Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Holiday dreaming....

Hello there,
what a boring day it has been. Stuck at work. Nothing to do. I went to Borders last night and bought what i thought was the new US ELLE magazine. It had the special " AIR FREIGHT sticker and the $15 price tag so i thought w00t. Then i get to reading it today and i find out its October's issue. errr. WHAT? how is it air freight from 5 months ago? Borders, you screwed me, screwed me good. 
back on topic.
The hot topic in our household is where are we going for our next "vac-ay"
In 2008 we did Hawaii in June and Tokyo in September. I went to Hong Kong, China and Macau with a friend in January. Oh and we went to Perth. Cant forget that thrilling city. Ha! im just joking !!!
In 2007 we did Europe. Which included, Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Paris, Amsterdam.

So the big question is, where should CS team go in 2009?? i really wish i could refer to us as CS squared but i dont know the shortcut for it on Mac. dammit. im lookin at u kiz. plz help .
I have been to Europe the year before with a friend so i saw london and greece as well and ive also  been to Japan 4 times and LA, Mexico, Hawaii on other occasions and also Vietnam, Malaysia. and maybe other places im forgetting.
so i want to go somewhere NEW
but with the horrid aussie dollar. it makes me get mad. MAD! why am i giving them money for nothing? our holiday in hawaii would now cost us 30% extra and what do we get in return? NOTHING! that IS crazy talk!
so now i have no idea where to go.
I think our top 2 contenders are
But im going to throw in hawaii. cuz i had another thought about it. and it was fun
but lets focus on France because that seems to be the front runner.
CouchShopper seems to think that we should go to bali. but i think he is crazy.
Here are some photos of our trip to France 1.5 years ago.xoxo

Okay First things first. THIS DRINK IS THA BOMB! whoever from Coke decided to discontinue this line is a freakin moron.
i loved this shit and sourced it out from USA foods and bought the whole freakin shop . COFFEE + COKE! WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE? i tried to duplicate this lovely drink by putting an espresso shot in with coke and adding sugar. NASTY plz dont try at home k?
p.s i AM wearing clothes in this pic k?
okay now back on story,

Once Upon a Time, In a land far far away, (Barcelona) CottonSocks decided shed rather drive from Barcelona to Monte Carlo because she is scared of planes. 
This was supposed to be a lovely romantic car ride across the Spanish/French countryside.
It started off with Couch Shopper not being able to read a map. "how manly" you say? why yes i know.
so i , the pants in the relationship, stepped up and took charge. 
it all went well until he refused to take my advise and got us lost.
thanks my darling, it was a blast.
so after being in the car HOURS long than we were supposed to, i needed to entertain myself. so i listened to my ipod and bought a little plastic cow with ice cream treat inside a petrol station. i called him MOOEY. he joined our road trip. i still have the cow today. i liked his pink nipples.

So we finally arrived in Nice and it was far too late to get the car back to Avis or take the train to Monte Carlo so we slept at hotel and woke up to take the car back to Avis. Once again CouchShoppers lovely man skills go us to the avis shop in about 2-3 hours. but the view driving around finding avis was special wasnt it?
FYI, It was I who found Avis in the end ! I really am the pants !!

Finally we arrive! But i do not look happy. CS refuses to smile in photos so i will do the same! ha! in europe u must wear the oversized sunnies, darling!
We have a nice view of some boats from our balcony. However it is bitter sweet. Where is my yacht?

On the night of CS birthday we went to the roof/cliff top open air cinema! We watched Harry Potter. Its a cottonsocks favourite. I got scared! 
So we enjoyed Harry Potter with beers and some dodgy excuse for popcorn and icecreams!
Then at the end, there were fireworks! just for couchshoppers bday! he is lucky! it made our trip!

One day we walked up the cliff to the palace and i took a pic of this bomb view!
Monte Carlo is quite beautiful! as long as you stay out of the area with the main casino. gross tourists all over the place taking photos of ferraris. ugh gross.
and crazy people from some asian country chasing us to take photos of us.  
and just so you all dont think im horrible, i DID let the randoms take photos of me and i am now forever in some random peoples SD cards. creepy.
no im not russian k thnx

Even on holidays CouchShopper wont take a break from ProTools....

And then after our stop in Monte Carlo we flew to Paris. !! yay
this is the only photo of Paris i will post because its the only one without me holding shopping bags and we dont want to remind CouchShopper of that aspect of the holiday.
Just think, basil spaghetti and bellinis in the hotel restaurant and our random ethiopian meal and eurodisney!

So CouchShopper, 

after you have read through this photo diary, what do u think?


you know you love me
Gossip Socks

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